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    SchoolMessenger is a system used to send messages to parent and guardian contacts, as well as high school students who have signed up to receive them. These messages include text, email, and phone communications related to school closures, early releases or late starts, as well as messages about lockdowns or lockouts.


    Access Requirements:

    The access process for SchoolMessenger depends on your role with the district. Please select your work location below to see more. 

  • School-based Employees


    Teachers get automatic access to use SchoolMessenger to communicate with their students' families and guardians. 


    All Other School-based Employees

    For all other school-based employees, it is no longer necessary to request access from DoTS. Successful completion of the SchoolMessenger eLearning will set an automated process into motion: 

    • Complete the SchoolMessenger Course
    • An automated approval email will be sent to your school principal
    • When principal approval is received your access will be granted
    • You will be notified via email when the process is complete

    This process will take at least three business days from when you complete the SchoolMessenger Course but is dependent upon a timely response from your principal.

  • Central Office Employees

    Central Office employees must complete the following requirements: 

    Manager approval is required for SchoolMessenger access. For the fastest access, please have your manager submit the request.


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