Facility Condition & Strategic Programs


    Our Mission:

    The mission of the Facility Condition and Strategic Programs team is to support our customers with accurate facility data and efficient processes in an effort to improve the Districts ability to make data based decisions on how to spend limited funds. 

    We support Planning Design & Construction (PD&C), Asset Management, Facilities Maintenance, Facility Support Services (FSS), Operational Support Services (OSS), Department of Safety and Department of Technology Services.


    • Capital project set-up
    • Location information
    • Record document blueprints
    • Support and training

    In order to... improve physical asset utilization, maximizing asset performance, identify facility system deficiencies to reduce losses and risks to the district, optimization of processes, and data based decisions w/reporting analytics.

    Program Responsibilities

    Facility Condition Assessment Program 

    Facility Records Management

    Strategic Programs

    • Capital Project Records
      • Set-up and track projects for PD&C in TRIRIGA to support the full project lifecycle.
      • Provides assistance and support for maintaining significant information on the District’s educational and support facilities. 
      • Assign and track funding sources, budget estimates, amount funded, changes, and budget account information for projects. Work with Accounting to obtain account assignments and resolve issues.
      • Create training materials and provide assistance to Sr. Project Managers, Project Managers, and Planners on how to properly use Tririga to manage their projects.  
      • Maintaining current project status for reporting purposes.  
    • Bond process and progress
      • Compiling, analyzing, reporting, and delivering data for the 2020Bond 
    • Project and Process Analysis
      • Achieving efficiencies and insights on PD&C projects and processes
    • Ad hoc reporting and analysis regarding PD&C data
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