• Construction Site


    Who are we? 

    We are a highly skilled team of 11 construction managers with combined experience of over 150 years. From mechanical engineering, architecture, construction, civil engineering, and we are fully dedicated to managing the bond construction projects.


    What Do the Project Managers Do?

    We are responsible for executing the 2020 bond and other construction projects in the District at the request of schools or other departments. 


    • From scope to design we manage the design team
    • From design to construction  we manage the contractors
    • From construction to students learning. We manage the schedule
    • Scope, schedule and budget  



    Developing the scope into a design

    • Planning hands off a project scope for a library remodel, new AC, and a transformer upgrade, and a project manager is assigned.
    • The project manager works with Strategic Sourcing to develop an RFP for AE services, from request to signed AE contract is a 2 month turn around.  This includes an MWBE participation from our OBD team.
    • The project manager works with the AE team to develop the design from the base scope that was provided: from SD through CD’s
    • Includes coordination and communication with:
      • School leaders
      • District teams, including library services, HAVC, Electrical, Sustainability,DoTs
      • Authorities having jurisdiction
      • Xcel
      • QAQC
      • Environmental to confirm ACM
      • Community
    • Budget review with Upper Leadership, finance, Executive Director of Construction, and DOC at each design milestone: are we in budget? Over? Next steps.
    • Then we go out for bid to hire a GC, using the same process to develop an RFP and MWBE goals.


    • Once a contractor is under contract we start the submittal and scheduling process, there is one date that doesn’t change, the first day of school.
    • By the time the last day of school comes around we already communicated, have our permits in place, and ready to mobilize….
    • BUT WAIT- if there are ACM we need to abate!  The environmental team does it’s best to be quick, and out of areas when contractors are ready, their coordination, and scheduling with the projects starts in the design phase.
    • Contractors are on site, the building takes place, we make dust, we make noise, we make a mess.
    • Fast forward to the project going through punch walks, and construction clean, wrapping up on site inspections and tests, and owner training.
    • The final step of the project is the Final Clean---we coordinate with Facilities Operations to determine what level of clean, when, how many teams are needed and as we are walking out the back door ...it often seems, the students are walking in.


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