• Student planner


    Who are we? 

    Planning consists of five building experts, with industry experience in architecture, design, and the built environment.


    What Does Planning Do?

    Manage information to analyze current space and campus planning. Make recommendations to integrate into master plan, strategic plan and facilities planning issues to develop short and long-range capital improvement programs. 


    •  Perform evaluations of district vendors including architects, engineers, and general contractors.
    • Continually research new products for applicable use in the district.
    • Review project documents from conceptual design through construction documents.
    • Attend Design Advisory Group meetings for applicable projects.
    • Help with reviews of RFP in conjunction with Construction.
    • Maintain permanent facility project record documents and provide facility record information.
    • Conduct thorough technical evaluations of proposed district sites with Real Estate.
    • Coordinate due diligence assessments on possible district purchases of existing facilities.
    • Provide consultation, research, and information on facility matters.
    • Keep abreast of educational program changes/trends and their facility impact.
    • Manage, maintain and update Tririga to facilitate and expedite the usability, accuracy, integrity and availability of data for campus planning and space utilization purposes.
    • Perform needs assessment for determining actual facilities, land use and space characteristics.
    • Develop space utilization recommendations and solutions to unique project planning, engineering and administrative problems as needed.
    • Respond to various requests for reports and documentation concerning the functional use of facilities and space to assist in short and long range planning.
    • Manage data and construction documents including campus space standards, drawings, specifications, campus maps, records and correspondence.