Safe and Healthy Schools Guide

  • Denver Public Schools is committed to eradicating the school-to-prison pipeline. Studies show a national trend where children are removed from public schools and moved into the criminal justice system for minor offenses and non-violent behavior. Many of these children have trauma, learning disabilities, and a history of poverty. The resources provided are to assist schools in eliminating the need for law enforcement contact, and empower schools to have safe, welcoming and restorative communities.

    The DPS Board of Education (BoE) approved a resolution in the summer of 2020 to end all SRO contracts with the Denver Police Department (DPD). Part of the reasoning for this decision is the belief that the close proximity of law enforcement to students on campuses directly contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline.

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    District Crisis Recovery Team
    Meghan Kimball, EdS, NCSP

    District Mental Health
    Meredith Fatseas, LCSW, Manager of Social Work and Psychological Services

    Dept of Safety Communications Center (Dispatch)
    Phone: 720-423-3911

    ISMPs, DPR and Title IX:
    Alicia Franks Gibson

    Restorative Practices:
    Marccus Spearman

    Student Safety Coordinators:
    Jane Lineman Ph.D: Threat Appraisal, Suicide Risk Reviews, Self-harm, Postvention

    Substance Prevention
    Amanda Wentz, Manager of Prevention Services

    Phone: 1-877-542-7233