What are the Non-negotiables of the program?


    Non-negotiable #1: Visits are voluntary for all- Both educators and families have the option to be involved in the PTHV program. Visits cannot be mandatory for any reason.
    Non-negotiable #2:Two staff- All visits, no matter the type of visit must be attended by two but up to three educators. Why?
    • Accountability- in case something happens on the visit, there are at least two staff members to document/ discuss. This doesn't happen often but it's necessary. 
    • Safety- making sure that both families and educators feels safe and comfortable during the home visit is of utmost importance. Some people do not feel comfortable meeting with just one staff member in their home/neutral location/online because of religious, cultural or personal reasons.
    • Relationship building- The most important reason- if an educator goes on a home visit to all of their students and builds great relationships but then leaves at the end of the year, those relationships leave with them. But if those home visits were done by two or three people and one of those people leaves, those families still feel connected to the school because there are still educators that they know at the school. Remember, the purpose of the home visits is to build relationships in the school, not just with a teacher. The more teachers a family knows, the more connect they feel.
    Non-negotiable #3: Scheduled in Advance- All visits, no matter the type must be scheduled in advance with the family and visit partner (other educator/s).
    Non-negotiable #4: Educators and Staff get paid- All educators and staff are paid for each home visit. The payment is the same for socially distanced in-person home visits and online home visits.
    Non-negotiable #5: We don't target students- Home visits are to build relationships. If students are singled out because of culture, language, behavior, skin color, ability, attendance, etc. this will not accomplish the goal of building relationships. Is it okay to visit any of your students? Yes! Please do! Just make sure to be equitable and mindful about who you're visiting and why.
    Non-negotiable #6: No pen or paper- Because this is a visit and not a conference, there is no need to write down information. This is an informal time to get to know each other. Please don't take notes but do ACTIVELY LISTEN.
    Non-negotiable #7: Hopes and Dreams- The purpose of the home visit is to build relationships by getting to know the family/caretakers and the students and asking about hopes and dreams. 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long will the online program last?

    The online PTHV program will last until further notice. We will follow DPS rules on after-school activity.


    When can we make online visits?

    To receive payment, visits may only occur outside of your normally scheduled working hours (usually evenings and weekends) and must be scheduled in advance. 


    Can we do social-distanced visits?

    Yes, as of 9/29/2020 socially-distanced in-person visits are allowed. Remote parent/teacher home visits are preferred and encouraged. In-person indoor home visits are not allowed. Brief in-person outdoor home visits are allowed if they follow the guidance for outdoor interactions, outlined above.   


    Will we be paid for our online visits?

    Yes, your pay will remain the same for all types of visits.


    Who can participate in the online PTHV program?

    Any trained staff can participated in the online PTHV program. See the main page for available trainings.


    Can I still participate in the online PTHV program if my certification has expired or is going to expire soon?

    The recertification module has been added to the Learning Space. Please search "PTHV Recertification" under courses. Only complete if your certificate is expiring within 2 months or already expired.


    Can we make phone calls instead of video calls?

    Yes, as long as you have picture proof that shows that the family and other staff member was on the call (shot of phone screen).


    How long should each visit last?

    Each visit should last 20-30 minutes, just like a normal home visit but there is no max time limit.


    How many teachers/staff can go on a visit?

    At least two teacher must be on the visit, but up to three teachers can attend a visit.


    What is a good way for site coordinators to gather information for each visit?

    Graciela Guevara from North High School has created a Google as an example. Thanks for sharing Graciela! To see it, go here: Google Form Example. Please contact Jen Parker at jennifer_parker@dpsk12.org if you would like to schedule a training on creating Google forms.


    What are the benefits of participating in the home visit program?

    • The PTHV program can positively affect:
      • Student performance
      • Teaching satisfaction and turnover
      • Instruction and classroom management
      • School climate

    When do home visits happen?

    • Home visits can happen anytime that both the student and family is available:
      • After school
      • Weekends
      • Vacation days

    How long is a Parent Teacher Home Visit? 

    •  A home visit is: 
      • A minimum of 20 minutes per student
      • On average last 20-40 minutes

    Are we compensated for visits?

    • Teachers and staff are trained, and compensated for visits outside their school day. Please remember to have all staff members upload their visit information into Infininte Campus and turn in all documentation to site coordinator before processing payment


PTHV Program

Contact Info

  • Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
    1860 Lincoln Street, 12th floor
    Denver, CO 80203

    District PTHV Coordinator:

    Brittany Newswanger

    Family Empowerment & Academic Partnership Coordinator



    Home Visit Email


    For general FACE questions: 


    Sign-up for PTHV Training here!


    All training will occur online unless otherwise requested by your school site. This is only for school staff and educators NEW TO THE PTHV Program. To maintain and active certification, you must take the recertifcation training every 3 years. This training can be found in the Learning Space. If you have any questions, please reach out to Brittany Newswanger and brittany_newswanger@dpsk12.net


    Things to note:

    1. You will receive payment for the training.
    2. If a minimum of 10 participants isn't reached, the training will be rescheduled for a different day.
    3. Signup will close 2 days prior to the scheduled training, please reach out to Brittany Newswanger at brittany_newswanger@dpsk12.net