• THE THRIVE FELLOWSHIP. Advancing Teacher Leadership.
    DPS believes that strong school leaders are one of the most important factors in helping us achieve our vision that Every Student Succeeds. As DPS continues to pioneer an innovative distributive school leadership model, Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD), formerly Lead in Denver, is dedicated to empowering current, new and aspiring school leaders and those who manage them with a wide range of personalized, targeted and effective professional learning opportunities, supports and resources to advance school leadership excellence and help DPS school leaders at all levels succeed.

    In order to ensure we are finding, growing, retaining and amplifying the impact of great school leaders in DPS as well as the development of successful instructional leadership teams, the LEAD Team has worked collaboratively with Teacher Leader and Collaboration (TLC) to enable team leaders an opportunity to grow as leaders and advance their leadership competencies and impact while remaining in their role.

    Founded on the belief that our best team leads are a key resource in our mission to close the opportunity gap for our students, The Thrive Fellowship provide our strongest Senior/Team Leads with an opportunity to extend their impact and deepen their instructional leadership.


    • For the past five years, the TLC program has shown us that teachers are a powerful force for change on our campuses. We also know that our most effective leaders are ready for deeper learning.
    • Just as all teacher leaders build school capacity to better support teachers and great instruction, extending the impact and deepening the leadership of our most effective teacher leaders can lead to even more dramatic impacts on instruction.
    • Thrive Fellows will be as effective as possible on their school Instructional Leadership Teams, expand their impact to more teachers and make deeper impact within their current teacher teams.
    • The Thrive Fellowship experience also represents recognition of Senior Team Leads’ contributions and a unique opportunity to grow professionally.
    • Participating Team Leads will be energized by the experience to continue their work while finding new ways to make a positive impact as essential leaders in their schools.

    Because we know that professional learning is accelerated and enhanced when it combines continuous job-embedded, social and formal learning opportunities the THRIVE Fellowship is designed using the 70:20:10 learning model.

    Graphic showing 70-20-10 learning model (10% Structured Learning, 20% Social Learning, 70% Experiential Learning)  

    The Fellowship experience will include advanced learning opportunities, peer feedback and coaching, exposure to diverse leaders in DPS and the City of Denver. Specifically:

    • Monthly learning and collaboration sessions
    • Cohort-based coaching
    • Dialogue with senior leaders
    • Action research project

    The Thrive Fellowship launched in the summer of 2018 and includes 20 fellows in the first cohort, selected through a competitive application process. 


    Applications are closed for the first cohort. Please check back in the fall for information on applying for hte 2019-20 school year.

    Please select on a brochure for Thrive.