2024-25 Benefits Open Enrollment

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    Open Enrollment for the 2024-25 plan year is April 22-May 10, with benefit election changes effective July 1, 2024. Open Enrollment is the only time you can change your medical, dental, and vision coverage without a Qualifying Life Event.

    This is a passive enrollment year. A passive enrollment means that if you do not take action and elect or waive your benefits, you will be automatically enrolled in the same elections you had last plan year. If you did not have coverage through DPS last year and you do not select benefits during open enrollment, you will still not have coverage through DPS. 

    HSA and FSA accounts are not able to roll over and you must re-enroll if you want to continue accessing these additional benefits. Learn more about HSAs, FSAs, and other supplemental benefits here.

    Enroll or waive via the Benefits Enrollment Site starting Monday, April 22.

  • Medical Plans

    For complete information regarding your available Medical Coverage options, visit thecommons.dpsk12.org/medicalinsurance or The Benefits Guide (available in English and Spanish). 

    Know the difference: DHMO vs. CHDP

    • Deductible HMO (DHMO): this type of coverage has higher monthly premiums on average, but provides predictability with pre-set copays for routine office visits and most prescriptions. You also have the option of contributing to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to help cover medical costs throughout the plan year. Learn more about FSAs at thecommons.dpsk12.org/fsa.
    • Consumer-Drive Health Plan (CHDP): this type of coverage has lower monthly premiums on average. You pay full cost for office visits and prescriptions until your deductible is met. You have the option of contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA) to help cover medical costs throughout the plan year. Learn more about HSAs at thecommons.dpsk12.org/hsa. 

    We have three medical insurance carriers to choose from and various coverage levels:

    • Kaiser Permanente provides high-quality care and coverage in one place for a connected, coordinated experience. At most medical offices, you can see a doctor, get labs and X-rays, and pick up a prescription in one location. Kaiser Permanente doctors are part of the largest multi-specialty medical group in the state, offering preventive and specialty care, a 24/7 medical advice line, and convenient video, phone, and online care options.  Visit Kaiser Permanente's microsite for DPS or call 1-800-324-9208.
      • CDHP 3500 Plan (in-network only)
      • CDHP 3200 Plan (in-network only)
      • CDHP 1600 Plan (in-network only)
      • CoPay DHMO 1000 (in-network only)
    • MotivHealth has partnered with Town and Country and Centura (now CommonSpirit/AdventHealth) and  to create a medical network that provides access to high-quality care at the best price. MotivHealth combines unique tools that allow members to shop and compare the costs of various providers before receiving care = no more guessing. MotivHealth also offers prescription assistance programs that can help significantly lower or eliminate out-of-pocket medication costs. Customer service representatives, called Personal Health Assistants, are available 24/7/365 to assist members with finding affordable care, answering any questions, and being a resource when navigating the complexities of healthcare. Visit MotivHealth's microsite for DPS or call 844-234-4472.
      • CDHP 3200 Plan (in-network only)
      • CDHP 3200 Plan (out-of-network)
    • UnitedHealthcare provides benefits to help you prepare for every part of your life — to help you live healthier, save for the future and live life to the fullest. UnitedHealthcare created these plans  to offer personalized options for health benefits and wellness services. Visit UnitedHealthcare's microsite for DPS or call 1-866-801-4409.
      • Choice Plus CDHP 3500 (in-network only)
      • Choice Plus CDHP 3500 (out-of-network)
      • UHC CO Doctors 1000 (in-network only)
      • UHC CO Doctors 3500 (in-network only)

    Use the Benefits Enrollment Guide to understand your costs per paycheck based on your union, position, and FTE amount. 

  • Dental Plans

    We offer two Delta Dental insurance plan options. Visit deltadental.com/us/en/find-a-dentist.html to find a dentist near you and to see if your dentist is in the Delta Dental network. To learn more about the plan options, including coverage, visit thecommons.dpsk12.org/dental. When selecting a dentist, use the "Delta Dental PPO" plan for the EPO plan and use the "Delta Dental PPO PLus Premier" for the PPO plan. 

    • EPO Plan: covers services only when you see a PPO (in-network) provider. Treatment and services from a non-PPO provider are not covered. 
    • PPO Plus Premier: covers services from more than 3,200 participating providers across the state. You are responsible only for your deductible and coinsurance (based on your plan), as well as any charges for non-covered services. You may see any dentist; however, your out-of-pocket expenses will be lower if you see a Delta Dental network dentist. 
    • "Right Start 4 Kids": covers children up to their 13th birthday at 100% coinsurance when enrolled into the PPO Plus Premier plan. No deductible applies to all covered procedures up to the annual maximum (excludes orthodontics). Must visit a PPO or Premier dentist. 

    Delta Dental - Premium Cost per Paycheck

    Benefit Plan

    Employee Only

    Employee + Spouse

    Employee + Children







    PPO Plus Premier





  • Vision Plans

    DPS offers VSP coverage for your vision needs. You choose your vision provider, but you maximize your plan benefits when you choose a vision provider in VSP's Choice Network. If you choose an out-of-network provider, you may be responsible for paying in full at the time of service and submitting a claim to VSP for reimbursement. Visit vsp.com to find a VSP vision provider near you and vsp.com/find-eye-doctors.html to see if your vision provider is in-network. 

    VSP - Premium Cost Per Paycheck

    Benefit Plan

    Employee Only

    Employee + Spouse

    Employee + Children


    Vision Service Plan





  • HSA vs. FSA

    Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) both help you save money by not paying income taxes on the dollars you put towards eligible medical expenses. The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great choice when you have specific expenses that you know are coming. The Health Savings Account (HSA) is great for helping you build your savings for medical expenses that you think may come at some point. 

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Eligible if:

    You are not enrolled in an HSA

    You have enrolled in a DPS High-Deductible CDHP Plan

    Maximum Contribution:

    January 2024 - December 2024: $3,200 

    January 2024 - December 2024:

    • $4,150 single
    • $8,300 family
    • Additional "catch-up" contribution for ages 55+: $1,000

    Availability of Funds:

    Annual amount available immediately once enrolled

    Dependent care expenses* Only the amount actually deposited is available

    Only the amount actually deposited is available

    Roll Over of Funds:

    Funds for expenses incurred but not claimed by September 30 will be lost. This plan will roll over up to $610 of unused funds.

    All unused funds roll over from year to year

    What if I change jobs?

    You can only use funds for claims through your termination date. All unused funds will be lost. 

    This account goes with you

    What can I use this money on?

    Eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses

    Eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses

    *Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts can be paired with Health Savings Accounts. Visit HealthEquity to learn more.


  • Supplemental Benefits

    Supplemental benefits are extra, optional benefits available to all DPS employees. These benefits work with your medical, dental, and vision plans to provide comprehensive coverage specific to your and your family's unique needs. These plans can help you enhance your benefits strategy, manage your costs, plan for your future, and minimize financial vulnerability. 

    Visit the Benefits Guide (available in English and Spanish) or thecommons.dpsk12.org/supplementalinsurance to learn more about our vendors and your available options!

    • Critical Illness
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Accidental
    • Voluntary Payroll Protection
    • Assitance Fund
    • Home & Auto Insurance
    • Legal
    • Pet
    • Commuter
    • Westerra Credit Union

  • Self-Care and Mental Health Coverage

    Self-care is a really important step in processing and coping with stressful situations and managing our day-to-day responsibilities. At DPS, we have tools available to support you. We encourage you to talk with your manager or team members if you are needing help and also use the following resouces for any help that you are needing with your mental well being.

    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Our EAP is a confidential, no-cost service, available 24/7 to all DPS employees and their immediate families. Plan for life events, find resources for personal issues, or get help for managing daily life. Visit EAP on the commons for more information or call 855-327-1377. There are so many specialized options to choose from to help with any mental health need.
    • Mental and Emotional Health Services through your medical insurance carrier -  UnitedHealthcare, MotivHealth, and Kaiser Permanente all offer tailored supportive services within their networks.