Master School List

  • A new and better way to find school information

    The Planning department in collaboration with DoTS and the PMO is pleased to announce the release of the Master School List report. The report is available to all district employees who are looking for key information related to schools. 


    What does the Master School List report include?

    The Master School List report compiles data from key systems throughout the district in order to present a broad range of the most up-to-date information the district has to offer. The report includes two main views allowing users to see groups of schools with general information, or users can drill down to a single school for more detailed data. Information on schools includes:


    • Contact information
    • Programs
    • Staffing
    • Student populations
    • Facilities operation details


    View the Master School List


    **Please note: this is an Internal DPS resource and can only be accessed by staff connected to the network / VPN**






    Check out the user guide (.pdf) we've put together to help you navigate the Master School List report. 


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