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    Newcomers are Multilingual Learners who are new to the country and identified as having limited or interrupted education, as well as minimal literacy skills in both their native language and English. Newcomer Centers serve students generally for one or two semesters to prepare them for participation in an MLE/ELA Program. Newcomer Centers are located at Place Bridge Academy, Merrill Middle School, Montbello Middle School, Montbello High School, Abraham Lincoln High School and South High School. 

    Additional resources for DPS teachers can be found in the Resources and Supports for Newcomers Schoology Course

    Resources for Vista Get Ready! curriculum can be found in the Vista Get Ready! Secondary ELD Curriculum Schoology Course.

    New! Afghan Family Resources and Supports

    Newcomer Handbook Information for Families
  • Newcomer Identification & Programming

    Newcomer Center Overview (English)

    Newcomer Center Overview (Spanish)

    Newcomer Center Referral Form

    Potential Newcomer Parent/Guardian Questionnaire 

  • ELD and ICLD Instructional Resources

    For students who are Newcomers and/or ACCESS Level 1 Multilingual Learners, it is particularly important that educators incorporate home culture and knowledge in ELD instruction to create a culturally responsive learning community. Students have their own stories, diverse situations, and, most importantly, assets and abilities to be capitalized upon as they transition to a new academic setting. As students progress through the stages of language acquisition, the process is not typically linear, and depends on the students’ background and unique context (Adapted from Vista Higher Learning, 2021). Additionally, Newcomers who are pre-literate or have limited literacy skills in their home language, or whose language is not alphabetic, will need instruction in the foundational literacy skills of English including print concepts, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, and fluency. Newcomers need systematic instruction and multiple opportunities to practice these skills (August, Shanahan & Escamilla, 2009).

    5 Elements of ELD for Newcomers (PERMS)

    ICLD for Newcomers (SERVE)

  • Resources and Supports

    This is a comprehensive list of resources and supports for Newcomers & New-to-US Multilingual Learners including instructional guidance, strategies and technology, and translation resources. 

    Newcomer Resources and Supports


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