Top Performing / High Growth

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    ProComp teachers and SSPs who serve in a school that attains the District school performance goals on the School Performance Framework (SPF) are eligible to receive a one-time incentive. The SPF is like a report card for schools, indicating where a school is making progress and where we need to focus on improving.

    UPDATE: 2018-19 Top Performing-High Growth List Eligible Schools (based on 2017-18 SPF results)

    2018-19 TP-HG School List by School Location Numerical Order

    2018-19 TP-HG School List by Short Name Alphabetical Order

    How do I know if my school rating qualifies for an incentive?

    If you serve in a school that achieved “green” or “blue” on either the growth or overall measures on the School Performance Framework (SPF), you are eligible to receive the incentive. Consult the list of DPS schools that qualify for incentives, including the Top Performing/High Growth incentive. SPF ratings are released in the fall for the previous school year.

    Eligibility & Payout Information

    • You must be active with benefits (not on leave) to be eligible to receive an incentive. Please review the detailed general eligibility guidelines for all incentives.
    • You must have served in the Top Performing school for a minimum of 89 days of the work year based on the teacher calendar.
    • Employees who are assigned to multiple Top Performing High Growth schools are eligible to receive multiple prorated incentive payments based on their FTE status at each school at time of service if they worked 89 days in the eligible school. The maximum payment is 1.0 FTE.
    • Payout is made as a lump sum bonus, and the amount will vary based on total budget for the incentive and the number of eligible teachers receiving the incentive, prorated to the FTE at the time of service at the designated Top Performing-High Growth school.
    • Payout will be made as soon as practical after the beginning of the following contract year.  
    • If employee went on unpaid leave after earning the Top Performing-High Growth incentive and remains on unpaid leave at time of payout, they are eligible to receive this incentive.
    • If an employee transfers out of ProComp and stays with the District, they are eligible to receive this incentive.
    • If an employee retires from the District and is receiving a monthly benefit from PERA, they are eligible to recieve this incentive.
    • Employees that terminate employment with the district (except for retirement) or are terminated for cause prior to payout, are not eligible to receive the Top Performing-High Growth incentive.