School Performance Framework

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    Understanding how well schools are serving students and families is a key part of how we will reach our Denver Plan 2020 goal of Great Schools in Every Neighborhood. The School Performance Framework, or SPF, measures many important aspects of what we know makes a great school – such as how satisfied students and parents are, how much students have improved their scores on state tests from year to year and how well the school serves and challenges all of its students.

    The SPF is published annually for all schools in the DPS family of schools, regardless of school model type and is a critical tool in many of the processes led by PMT. The SPF production is a collaboration between PMT and the district’s Accountability, Research and Evaluation (ARE) Team.

    PMT works to ensure we are measuring the right things on the SPF and communicating its results and uses effectively. In order to do this, we run focus groups to get feedback on the SPF, work with schools to communicate information about the SPF to community members and develop the SPF’s policy framework. For questions about PMT's role with the SPF, please contact Ericka Burns, Manager of Policy.


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