Secondary ELD

  • DPS requires that all schools, both at the Elementary and Secondary levels, schedule at a minimum a dedicated 45-minute ELD block for all eligible ELs.

    This page contains resources to assist Secondary schools with the effective implementation of dedicated ELD and should be used to inform decisions in a way that maintains dedicated English language development, does not reduce rigor of language or content, and ensures students can earn needed credits for on-time graduation.

    Secondary ELD

    For more information, please contact Cristina Kinz.

    Dedicated ELD is a separate period of time scheduled for English language instruction. Ideally students are grouped by language proficiency. At the very least, level 1-2 students are grouped together and levels 3-5 students are grouped together. In consideration of the 2017-2018 adjusted ACCESS scores, we discourage schools from moving students down a level without considering a body of evidence. The district curriculum for secondary dedicated ELD is Edge by National Geographic. Many schools are also utilizing DPS-created instructional guidance and resources to supplement their planning and instruction. All DPS-created dedicated ELD resources can be found on Schoology in the Dedicated ELD Group access code: MGNFG-GJCDD.

    Administrator and Teacher Supports