Secondary ELD Resources

  • DPS requires that all schools, both at the Elementary and Secondary levels, schedule at a minimum a dedicated 45-minute ELD block for all eligible ELs.

    This page contains resources to assist Secondary schools with the effective implementation of dedicated ELD and should be used to inform decisions in a way that maintains dedicated English language development, does not reduce rigor of language or content, and ensures students can earn needed credits for on-time graduation.

    High School ELD Options and Alignment to Graduation Credits


    Introduction to Co-Teaching

    ELA/ELD Co-Teaching is an approach to Secondary ELD instruction for 6th-12th grade English learners with an intermediate or higher proficiency level (Access Level 2.6 or higher) using the co-teaching model in Language Arts classrooms. Co-Teaching is an instructional practice in which two educators simultaneously work with a heterogeneous group of students in a general education classroom. The Co-Teaching model allows for English language development within the Language Arts classroom for both English learners and mainstream students.

    Co-Teaching Professional Development, 2018-19 School Year

    New teachers who participate in both PD sessions and both learning labs in full will receive ELA Teacher Qualification credit for ELA 105A.

    Session #2 – Differentiating Instruction in the English Language Arts Co-Taught Classroom

    • Full day required training for all new Co-Teaching teachers. Optional for returning teachers.
    • November 27, 2018
    • Learning Space sign-up

    Learning Lab Option #1:

    • Full day required training for all new Co-Teaching teachers. Optional for returning teachers.
    • October 9, 2018

    Learning Lab Option #2:

    • Full day required training for all new Co-Teaching teachers. Optional for returning teachers.
    • March 12, 2019

    Schoology Groups

    To join the Co-Teaching and Dedicated ELD groups, click on the links. You will be redirected to the Schoology login page and the Access Code will be prefilled.

    Administrator Supports

    Teacher Supports


    Secondary ELD

    Dedicated ELD is a separate period of time scheduled for English language instruction. Ideally students are grouped by language proficiency. At the very least, level 1-2 students are grouped together and levels 3-5 students are grouped together. In consideration of the 2017-2018 adjusted ACCESS scores, we discourage schools from moving students down a level without considering a body of evidence. The district curriculum for secondary dedicated ELD is Edge by National Geographic. Many schools are also utilizing DPS-created instructional guidance and resources to supplement their planning and instruction. All DPS-created dedicated ELD resources can be found on Schoology in the Dedicated ELD Group access code: MGNFG-GJCDD. Regardless of curriculum, secondary schools are encouraged to use the guidance below to effectively meet the needs of English Learners during the Dedicated ELD block.

    Secondary ELD Professional Development 2018-2019

    Administrator and Teacher Supports


    ETST 2020 AND ETST 2024 - Racism, Power, Identity and Social Change

    The ELA and Concurrent Enrollment Departments are pleased to offer a new innovative course offering for 2018-19 for English Learners and non-English Learners. The Ethnic Studies course has a social justice lens with a focus on immigration and the movement of people across the globe. Students will learn about the immigrant experience throughout societies. The course equips students with a critical lens to see the world and their place in it by understanding systems and power at the root of society, and has as a goal to motivate students to actively engage in our democracy.

    If you are interested in teaching this course at the secondary level, contact Nicole Carlson-Harris.


    Rigor ELD

    The Rigor Pilot provides junior and senior English Learners (Access Level 3.6 or higher) the option to take an additional English Language Arts course as an elective to meet their ELD requirement. By providing students the option to take higher-level English Language Arts electives in addition to their required English Language Arts course, Rigor ELD exposes students to higher-level English language curriculum, demands, and English language models. With a teacher trained in how to differentiate for and teach to the needs of higher level ELs, Rigor ELD allows students to stay on track to earn graduation credits, meet expectations on high stakes tests, and increase their overall English language proficiency in mainstream content classes with their grade-level peers.


    Pathways Schools ELD

    Please contact your ELA Network Partner for scheduling assistance.