Summer Health Care Coverage

  • Previously “Summer Coupons”

    If you are an hourly employee (paid an hourly wage rather than a fixed salary) who is not scheduled to work during the summer, you have the option of enrolling or waiving your health care coverage for July and August. You must make that decision during the Benefits Annual Open Enrollment period each spring. If eligible and if you waive benefits during Open Enrollment, you will continue to receive benefit credits over the summer.

  • How do I pay for my benefits over the summer? +

    • If you are enrolled in Employee Only or Employee + Child coverage and do not earn enough to cover the cost of your premiums (after benefits credits/discounts have been applied), the remaining balance will be deducted when you return to work. If you elect benefits but do not return to work by September 1, we will retroactively end your benefits back to July 1 (this means any claims after July 1 will not be covered). You will have the opportunity to continue benefits through your term date if you submit payment to the DPS Benefits Team by September 20th.
    • If you are enrolled in Employee + Spouse or Family level coverage, you will be sent a bill for benefit premiums for the months you do not work (after benefits credits/discounts have been applied). If we don’t receive payment from you by the payment deadline (ex: July 10 for July), we will terminate your coverage back to July first.  This means that any medical claims after 7/1 will not be covered.

  • How do I enroll in benefits when I return to work? +

    You will need to fill out the appropriate Benefits Change Form below within 30 days of your return to work date. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month after you return to work.

  • How do I waive my benefits for the summer? +

    During annual benefits open enrollment, you will take action and waive coverage. This will end your current health care coverage on June 30. If you waive coverage and do not return to work in the fall, you will not be eligible for COBRA. If you return to work in the fall and would like to re-enroll in health care coverage, fill out a benefits change form upon your return.