About the SLP Exam for Teacher Candidates

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    Administered by Berlitz Languages, Inc., the SLP exam for MLE 2S/ELA-S teachers consists of three portions -- speaking, writing and reading.

    Applicants new to DPS or internal teachers who change assignments into MLE 2S/ELA-S positions must pass all portions of the SLP Exam to be considered by the Department of Human Resources as Spanish-qualified applicants. However, in the event a teacher candidate does not pass all three portions of the SLP on their first attempt, the passing of the speaking test and one other portion of the exam may meet the minimum standard for initial hire into a MLE 2S/ELA-S position. If a teacher is hired after passing only two portions of the SLP exam, the third portion must be passed no later than by the second February of their employment with the district.

    Additionally, if an applicant fails any portions of the exam, they are allowed to retake that portion of the exam only twice more within one calendar year. It is suggested that candidates wait at least 30 days between additional attempts to pass the exam.

    Both the initial exam and any portion that must be retaken can be scheduled at your convenience via Berlitz Languages, Inc.

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  • Cost and Reimbursement Process

    SLP Exam: Each SLP exam costs $150. Once a candidate successfully completes the exam and is hired to perform in the capacity of a MLE 2S/ELA-S designated assignment, they can submit a request for $150 in reimbursement via the Tuition Reimbursement program. Apply for SLP exam reimbursement.

    The combination and a la carte retake pricing for SLP tests are:

    • Full SLP exam (speaking, reading and writing) = $150 per attempt
    • Speaking retake = $90 per attempt
    • Writing retake = $60 per attempt
    • Reading retake = $60 per attempt

    Praxis II – Spanish: World Language 5195: The exam cost is $160. Once a candidate successfully completes this specific exam with a score of 163 or higher and is hired into an ELA-S designated assignment, they can submit a request for $160 in reimbursement via the Tuition Reimbursement program. Apply for Praxis II – Spanish 5195 exam reimbursement.

  • Speaking Exam

    The Berlitz Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) is an oral proficiency testing system designed to accurately measure the examinee’s oral communicative ability in a professional setting.

    The SOPI consists of six situations where the examinee speaks to a native speaker of Spanish. In each situation, the examinee reads and listens to a description of the situation and sees on the computer a picture of the person or people to whom he or she will speak. The examinee is then given 15 to 40 seconds to plan his or her response, and 30 to 90 seconds to respond.

    This 20 minute test of speaking skills is delivered via a computer-based platform. The Berlitz SOPI combines the efficiency and reliability of online administration with the validity of human scoring.

    The passing score is a B2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Scale.

  • Writing Exam

    The Berlitz Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) is a 60 minute assessment of writing skills.

    The Berlitz WPE consists of 3 prompts that were chosen based upon research as the most relevant and authentic in a general professional context. Examinees will be given access to a virtual keyboard for Spanish.

    The passing score is a High B1 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Scale.

  • Reading Comprehension Exam

    The reading test consists of five paragraphs with 25 questions. Examinees are given 30 minutes to complete the reading comprehension portion.

    The passing score is 18 correct answers minimum using a DPS 1-25 possible reading comprehension answer test.

  • Exam Results

    Denver Public Schools and Examinees will receive results within 5 business days of the test date.

  • Retaking the SLP Exam

    If a candidate/teacher fails any portion of the SLP exam, they may retake it following the same process as registering for the original test attempt.

    Register to take the SLP test.

  • Results Analysis Reports

    Examinees receive a copy of the standard results report by email for each test taken at no additional charge. Standard results reports only reflect the final test scores.

    Examinees have the option to purchase a more detailed Results Analysis Report that provides information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their test responses to the oral and/or writing tests for an additional fee of $50 per report.

    Results Analysis Reports are optional, not required, and may be purchased via the same link used to register and purchase tests.


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