Online PTHV Program


    Online Visits are a great way to stay connected to returning students.

    Steps for a successful online visit.

    1. Find another staff member that has/will have direct contact with the student (max 3 staff per visit).
    2. Arrange each visit in advance
    3. Visit with the family for 20-30 minutes (but there is no max time limit).
    4. Take selfie/screen shot with family during video or phone call (non-negotiable).
    5. Fill out Online Parent Signature -Half Sheet.
    6. Send selfie/screen shot and half-sheet to school site coordinator.
    7. Enter 'hopes and dreams' into Infinite Campus.
    8. Enter visits into TruePay. If you are exempt (salary), enter by visit. If you are non-exempt (hourly), enter exact time for each visit.

    Please note a few important changes.
    1. Calendar invites are not required for online visits.
    2. Staff will keep all pictures and half sheets from each visit. Site coordinators will collect all documentation at the beginning of the SY20-21. 


    On May 4th, the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program went online! Please see the Online PTHV One-Pager for guidelines and a list of FAQ’s . 



    Online PTHV One-Pager

     One-pager pic



    Online Visits: Focusing on Engagement- Video (11 mins)  

    Engaging Online




    **Socially-distanced in-person visits are now ALLOWED (Updated 9/29/2020)**

    • Remote parent/teacher home visits are preferred and encouraged. 
    • In-person indoor home visits are not allowed.
    • Brief in-person outdoor home visits are allowed if they follow the guidance for outdoor interactions, outlined HERE. 

    More info coming soon!