Enrollment and Eligibility

  • Food Service Workers  

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    Employees who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following their start date. You must enroll in benefits within the first 30 days of your official start date for benefits to be effective the first of the month after your start date. The Benefit Eligibility Summary gives a snapshot of the benefits you are eligible for based on your employee type.

    Please check Infor HR to see what your official start date is if you are not sure. You will find this in the "adjusted start date" field. Employees must enroll online through the Benefits Enrollment Site no later than 30 calendar days from their start date. 

    Benefit-eligible employees working 30 hours or more who take no action and do not enroll online will be enrolled in the lowest cost medical plan. Employees will not be able to enroll in benefits through DPS until the next Open Enrollment period held annually in late April and early May to be effective July 1, unless you have an IRS-defined qualifying life event. Please visit the Resource Center and click Change My Benefits for more information on mid-year changes to your benefits. 

    Employees who have a change in employment status (i.e., moving from a non-benefit-eligible position to a benefit-eligible one) must enroll in benefits within 30 days from their change in employment status. Benefits become effective the first of the month following the status change.

    What we offer

    • 2018-2019 Benefits Enrollment Guide
    • Dental: Two dental insurance plan options through Delta Dental of Colorado
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    • Health Savings Account (HSA)
    • Medical: Six Consumer Driven Health Plans and two Deductible HMO plans through Aetna and Kaiser.
    • Vision: A vision insurance plan through VSP

    Visit the Resource Center for detailed information.

    When does my health care coverage begin?

    Health insurance coverage will become effective for eligible employees on the first day of the month after your official start date. For example, if you begin work on Aug. 18, your coverage will become effective on Sept. 1. You must enroll online through the Benefits Enrollment Site no later than 30 calendar days from your start date. 

    How much does DPS contribute to help cover my benefit costs?

    DPS offers a flexible benefits plan which allows employees to choose from a menu of benefits. Most DPS employees are eligible to receive an employer contribution to offset the cost of the medical, dental and vision insurance they choose.

    The employer contribution amount varies by bargaining group and the hours you are regularly scheduled to work. Please refer to the benefit credit contribution chart to determine your employer contribution amount.