Scheduling and Cohort Guidance for Safer at Home

  • This Guidance for the Safer at Home In-Person phase has been developed based on our best understanding of guidance from CDE and CDPHE, guidance from Denver Health, and input from internal educator-led workgroups and departments. CDE has provided rationale for its guidance here. This WILL continue to undergo change as we partner with local public health.  Please check back for changes and also feel free to monitor the document we share with Denver Health and CDE at this link. Our current understanding of characteristics of the Stay at Home and Protect our Neighbors phases are at the end of this document.

    Note that the Safer at Home allows for continued remote instruction if best for our community, as well as for in person learning with precautions.  The district in consultation with health experts will determine whether a remote or in person learning scenario is to be implemented. The guidance below applies to when In Person learning is being implemented in the Safer at Home phase.

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