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    Volunteer Services coordinates parent and community resources through volunteer onboarding, training, consulting, and matching of in-kind donations to schools, all of which support students, staff, and families of DPS.

    Volunteer Background Check Process
    Individuals interested in volunteering in-person or virtually are required to complete the DPS Volunteer Background Check .  The Volunteer Background Check link is located on the DPS Volunteer Services website - https://equity.dpsk12.org/get-involved/volunteer-services/ 
    Volunteer Background Check for UNSUPERVISED VOLUNTEERS
    The process for volunteers who work directly with students in an unsupervised setting (not in the line of sight of DPS staff) is required to undergo the Unsupervised Volunteer Background Check.   
    The Unsupervised Volunteer Background Check does not require volunteers to undergo fingerprinting.  The higher-level background check is completed online using Sterling Volunteers.  This is the same platform used for Supervised Volunteers.  To begin the process, staff must submit a request for a DPS Unsupervised Volunteer Background form found at the link - https://forms.gle/cn7guMjsFig5onFVA  Staff will need to provide the volunteer's name and email address.  Once the form is received, Volunteer Services will follow up with the potential volunteer by email.  Each year, volunteers will need to reapply to renew their eligibility status for the following 12 months.  
    Unsupervised Volunteers will be listed in the DPS Volunteer Portal and identified in the Position(s) column - 

    DPS Spellbinders Storyteller Volunteers
    Spellbinders Storytellers are a group of passionate volunteers trained in the art of oral storytelling. Its mission is to use the art of oral storytelling to enhance literacy, encourage character development and build intergenerational communities. Each volunteer returns to the same classroom each month to provide a 20 to 40-minute (depending on the age of the children and the needs of the teacher) oral storytelling session. For more information and to schedule a storyteller, view the link.
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