• Where do I begin?

    We love that you are thinking about school leadership! Many DPS leaders start in dean or Teacher Leadership roles

    • Dean roles vary school to school and within the role so it would be looking at the job descriptions online to what they’re looking for.
    • If you have experience, you may also apply for our  AP or Principal positions. If you are internal employee, we also recommend talking to your principal as well about your interest in leadership to see what you can start doing in small steps in the building. 
    • Start looking at teacher leader roles in your building and talking to them and looking at the expectations for those and what you feel you need to develop in order to start building your skillset toward those. 


    Take a look at this guide: http://thecommons.dpsk12.org/Page/2027. It has suggestions also on books, articles, and other developments that you may do at your own pace.


    Current & New Teacher Leader Roles