Student Submissions

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    The Student Submissions Team (SST) is accountable for the implementation and execution of mandatory state and federal submissions. By promoting collaborative efforts and mutal understanding across multiple departments, SST collects the necessary data elements for the October Count, End of Year, School Discipline & Attendance, Teacher Student Data Link, Report Card March, Directory and Office of Civil Rights submissions.



  • Civil Rights (CRDC)

    The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a biennial survey of a sample of school districts conducted by the Federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

  • Directory

    Directory - Student Submissions Team is responsible for entering district directory changes into a CDE maintained database by June 30th of each year. This directory includes all cabinet and Board members, all schools, and the name and contact information for all school leaders.

  • End of Year

    End of Year  - (EOY) The primary purposes of the End of Year submission are to track student cohorts for calculation of graduation and completion rates, track mobility for calculation of mobility rates, determine the annual Beginning and End Counts for each school/grade/race/gender group, to identify dropouts or unreported students, and to conduct cross-district research post-collection to re-enroll dropouts. 

  • Legislative Hour Requirements

    Legislative Hour Requirements - Pursuant to state statute and board rules, the local board of education shall provide for the adoption of a district calendar (and individual school calendars, where appropriate) that meet minimum requirements for each school within the district. Each school is required to be in session for a minimum of 160 days ("student contact days"), and scheduled a minimum number of hours of planned teacher‐ pupil instruction and teacher‐pupil contact during the school year ("instructional hours").

  • October Count

    October Count is the official student membership headcount for all Colorado public school districts. When students are enrolled, scheduled and in attendance as of the official count day, the district receives an average of $8,400 in per pupil operating revenue. This submission accounts for 85% of the district’s funding.

  • Report Card March

    Report Card March  - (RCM) An annual submission mandated by the Colorado Department of Education. The purpose of this submission is to populate CDE’s “SchoolVIEW” with the following school level information: programs offered by the school (such as drama, AP courses, technical education, etc.) and the number of professional development days offered to teachers. 

  • School Discipline and Attendance

    School Discipline and Attendance

    School Discipline is an annual submission mandated by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The purpose of this submission is to report the district’s behavioral incident data to the state at the student level. This includes information on the number of behavior incidents and actions such as suspensions and/or expulsions, referred to Law enforcement or school related arrests.   

    Attendance is an annual submission mandated by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).  The purpose of this submission is to report the district's attendance data at the student level.  This includes information on Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism that may impact a School's Performance framework. 

  • Teacher Student Data Link

    Teacher Student Data Link - (TSDL) The Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Submission links educators, to students, and to the course.  The purpose is to help improve district's line of site to educator effectiveness, to better align educator effectiveness to courses in which have a state assessment attached to them and to help streamline other data collections, such as CRDC.