Returning to Worksites

  • As some team members are choosing to return to their schools and offices, please make sure to follow these procedures and guidelines, including adhering to The DPS 5Complete Health Screenings, Wear a Mask, Maintain Physical Distance, Meet Virtually, and Practice Good Hygiene in order to protect yourself and others. As a reminder, at this time no one is required to report to their school or office unless directed by their supervisor

Return to School-Based Sites

  • Take Your Daily Health Screening

Return to Central Offices

  • Reservation Request   Take Your Daily Health Screening
  • About the COVID-19 Daily Health Screening

    The Safe Access Health Screen is now live.

    Each morning before reporting to work, we all need to fill out the Safe Access Health Screen. Please answer the question honestly - there is no penalty for failing a screening. If you are experiencing symptoms, do not report to work. Failing a screening prevents you from entering DPS buildings and schools. Learn more here.

  • About the Reservation Form

    Only central office team members need to complete a reservation formThis form has been developed to help ensure compliance with guidance from health officials that seating at any DPS administrative building does not exceed 50% of available seating capacity. Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance to assist with the scheduling process.

  • The DPS 5: I Protect You; You Protect Me

    1. Complete your pre-work health screening
      • Employees returning to a DPS building are required to complete a health screening every day before entering. Any employee entering a building must complete this Employee Health Screening Form from your phone or home computer, including answering a series of questions about your symptoms.
    2. Please stay home if you are sick. 
      • If you have a fever (temperature of 100.4 or above) or answer “yes” to any of the symptom-screening questions, you cannot enter the building; please notify your supervisor and contact your medical provider, if appropriate. If you have symptoms, but you feel like you can still work, you can make plans with your supervisor to work remotely until you can return to work in person.
      • Before Labor Day, we plan to launch an app that will follow a similar questionnaire. More information about that app will be shared soon. Once students return to buildings, students and staff will be required to show successful completion of the health screening app daily in order to enter the building.
    3. Wear a mask or face covering.
      • Face coverings are required, except when you are alone in your enclosed office or classroom. Please note, face coverings must cover over your nose and mouth, and a face shield is not a substitute for a mask. Learn more.
    4. Maintain physical distance.
      • Please make all efforts to maintain at least 6 feet distance from other adults. This is especially important in common walkways near other workspaces, and when accessing restrooms and break areas.
    5. Meet virtually.
      • Team members should not congregate in communal spaces, including faculty lounges or break rooms – however, you will have access to the kitchenette area, refrigerator and microwave. Please use sanitizing wipes on appliances before and after use, and it is recommended that you use paper towels to open refrigerator and microwave doors. All staff meetings, professional development and other meetings should be conducted virtually.
    6. Practice good hygiene.
      • Cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching your face. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if handwashing is not possible.

    Use this at-a-glance reference.

  • Free COVID-19 Testing

    Free COVID-19 testing is available for all DPS employees. Click here to learn more and to make an appointment.

  • Frequently Asked Questions