Aspiring Allies Drop-In!


Aspiring Allies Resource List

The new schedule for Aspiring Allies Drop-Ins is Tuesdays, 3:30-4:15p. We look forward to seeing you!

This series will happen via Google Meet, and runs through 7/31/2022. As a reminder, these sessions are open to anyone in DPS, so feel free to add interested colleagues to individual drop-ins, or to the series. More voices = more learning = more action = more dismantling of oppressive systems!

If you'd like to host, please sign up here. No pre-determined topic is required, but if you'd like some ideas, here are some past examples (a complete archive of all past discussion is in the bottom section of the Resource List, linked above).
  • DPS belief in and commitment to Black Excellence
  • Intersectionality of #BlackLivesMatter and people with disabilities
  • What challenges are you facing in your antiracist work?
  • Feedback requests re: equity & antiracist work of specific DPS teams
  • White supremacy culture in virtual settings

As always, please let us know how we can support you in your efforts to deconstruct privilege where you are!

Samantha Silver, Martha Runnette and Trevon Brandhorst
Deconstructing Privilege Co-Leads


I have a colleague who's interested in being part of the Deconstructing Privilege Belong group. How can they join?
We'd love to meet them! Please send them this link, let them know to selection "Deconstructing Privilege" (plus any other Belong groups they are interested in) and submit the form. We'll make sure to welcome them and let them know of any immediate opportunities for participation. You can also add them to any Aspiring Allies or Deconstructing Privilege/DPS Belong events that may be in your calendar.

I can't make these sessions, but I still want to hear about allyship and learning opportunities.
Great! Just decline the events you can't attend.

I no longer wish to receive any Deconstructing Privilege or Aspiring Allies information.
We'll be sorry to see you go and we wish you well in your antiracist work! Please email one of us to be removed from the Deconstructing Privilege distribution list altogether.


(see Google Meet info)