What We Offer to Our Customers

What we offer

  • Focus on our customers: Student safety is our number one priority! We put Students First by creating a positive, safe and healthy environment for all passengers.
  • Operate sustainably: As responsible stewards of taxpayers’ funds, we leverage operational expertise to utilize our financial resources sustainably and with Integrity.
  • Continuously review and adapt our service: With Equity top-of-mind, we measure, develop and adapt transportation services to meet the needs of our students and schools district-wide.
  • Communicate successfully: In the spirit of Collaboration, we provide our school partners with timely, clear and accurate information about our safety, and the efficiency of the services offered to the district.
  • Work as one team: We demonstrate Accountability by completing comprehensive safety training for our team members and adherence to route development best practices.
  • Demonstrate the spirit of service: We embrace Fun with the attitude that it is an honor to serve our students, families and schools. We celebrate our work, which connects students to schools that build the passion for lifelong learning.