ELA Service System

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    2018-19 ELA Program Review Updates

    To better align our service to schools and students in DPS, we have some exciting updates to our 2018-19 ELA Service System.


    • Program Review data for only in-program ELs to reflect more accurately reflect the ELA Program’s impact in schools
    • Disaggregated EL data points will now be more inclusive of assessments taken by high school students (PSAT, SAT) instead of only CMAS


    • Domain 2, which includes all instructional indicators, now carries double the point value
    • Updates to overall possible scores and Meeting/Approaching/Not Meeting scores to prioritize instructional domains and student outcomes


    • ELA Program Review will now be stored in Google Sheets, so that data can be auto-populated and schools can have live access to documents

    Evidence Collection:

    • ELA Partners will work with schools to collect evidence throughout the year of high-quality ELA Programming in the areas of language instruction, supported content instruction, bilingual programming, and progress monitoring

    Differentiated Rubrics:

    • Specialized rubrics for schools/programs that serve specific populations, such as Pathways schools and Early Education Centers

    Progress Monitoring:

    • Consistent, monthly progress monitoring for for all schools to ensure they are on-track to meeting Program Review expectations