• I am enrolled in a teacher preparation program (traditional student teaching or residency program)

    Welcome to Denver Public Schools! We are thrilled to have you complete your preservice teaching experience as part of Team DPS! Everything you need to becoming a part of a DPS school community is included here. Please reach out to teacherpathways@dpsk12.org with any questions.

    If you have been selected by your teacher preparation program and have confirmed placement in Denver Public Schools, please begin your application and onboarding by following these steps.

    1. Click here to complete and submit the Denver Public Schools Preservice Teacher application
    2. Within 36 business hours, you will receive notification of the next steps:
      1. Schedule an appointment to complete onboarding, including DPS fingerprints, ID badge and school access card
      2. Invitation to attend a Preservice Teacher Orientation where you will learn about DPS expectations and processes  
      3. DPS systems access – DPS email, DPS Google, Infinite Campus
    3. Complete the CDE Fingerprint guidelines
    4. You are encouraged to apply to become a DPS Guest (Substitute) Teacher during your preservice teaching experience in DPS to support your mentor teacher and classroom students. Please complete the following steps to receive authorization.
      1. Complete and submit the DPS Daily Substitute/ Guest Teacher Application
      2. You must complete the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), the One-Year Substitute Authorization (or Three-Year Substitute
        1. Begin your One-Year Substitute Authorization by completing this One-Year Sub Verification Form and email it to Leticia_Levi@dpsk12.org as soon as possible for an approved signature
        2. Complete and submit this One-Year Substitute Authorization CDE Application to become certified by the state. If you have completed a bachelor’s degree you may apply for the Three-Year Substitute Authorization
        3. The CDE will also require fingerprints as part of the One-Year Substitute Authorization. For more information visit http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdeprof/fingerprints and schedule your appointment as soon as possible
    5. Be on the lookout! Throughout the year DPS will email you links to surveys not only to learn about how you’re doing in your field experience, but also to get a pulse on how we are doing as a district in providing support and preparation to teachers in training. You will also receive information about hiring preparation and workshops as well as hiring job fair notifications!