Leading Effective Academic Practice
  • 2023-2024 BEGINNING OF THE YEAR 

    Important Announcements

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  • Please see the SLO Commons page for SLO information and support. See this one-pager for important information. SLOs are due for teachers on September 29th, and must be approved by school leaders by October 31st. 

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  • Changes to LEAP for 2023-24 School Year

    What's New?:

    • Composition of final effectiveness ratings from 50/50 to 70/30
    • Adjustments in determination of overall ratings
    • Equity-driven revisions to Professionalism Language
    • Consistency Changes to the Framework for Effective Teaching
    • Enhancements to the LEAP Observer Certification

    Learn more about the changes to LEAP, with the resources provided below:

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  • Important Required Trainings Prior to Evaluations

    Click on links OR Go to Learning Space. Search for name of Module. Register, then Launch! 

    LEAP Changes and Requirements 2023-2024 (30 min)

    Per CDE, all teachers and evaluators need to take the LEAP Changes and Requirements 2023-2024 training in Learning Space PRIOR to evaluations. The window for completion of this important training is 8/7-9/15.  

    NOTE: NEW Teachers are NOT required to do this training. They will receive the same information in the LEAP 101 training they have to do as part of their induction requirements. 

    SSPs are also not required to do this training. They will have their own training on their evaluation framework, the SSP GPS. Date TBD 

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  • Evaluator Bias Training (60 min)

    Thank you all who participated in the Evaluator Bias Training on August 1st and 2nd. We had over 800 evaluators participate! Overall, we received very positive feedback and some great ideas and suggestions for the Evaluator Bias Training Part 2, which will be ready as a module in Learning Space starting in December. The second training will be focused on Professionalism prior to your mid-year conversations. 

    If you or anyone on your ILT team missed the required Evaluator Bias Training during July leadership, please take the asynchronous training. Link: Evaluator Bias Training. Please complete the training prior to evaluations. The window for completion is 8/21-9/15. 

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  • NEW Educator Required LEAP 101 Module (60 min)

    Please note that there is required LEAP 101: New Teacher Intro to LEAP 2023-2024 (new to teaching and new or returning to the district) for New Educator Induction Certification. New Educators will be informed of this module during NEW. Principals, please check in with your new teachers to make sure they have completed this training prior to their first evaluation. The window for this training is  8/14 -9/15

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  • Peer Observer Support

    Annual LEAP Calibration 

    Annual ILT LEAP Calibration is a required session that supports your ILT in accurate scoring & minimizing bias using the LEAP Framework for Effective Teaching. Building leaders will choose a date, between 8/8 and 9/1, for their ILT to complete the annually required LEAP Calibration session. Principals can choose to facilitate this session on their own or can request a Peer Observer to fully facilitate the session. Further details, including a facilitation guide & slide deck are all provided in the Annual ILT LEAP Calibration Communication.

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  • Collaborative/Peer Observer Partnership

    To provide ongoing and intentional support for collaborative directors and school leaders, there will be an assigned Peer Observer for each collaborative. The designated peer observers will be able to provide support throughout the year to answer any questions, provide guidance, and engage with school leaders and teachers throughout the LEAP implementation process. You can preview the Peer Observer & Collaborative Partnerships HERE. Peer Observers will be reaching out in the next week to introduce themselves and explain the types of support they can provide throughout the year. 

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