Culturally Sustaining Curriculum & Instruction (CSCI)

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    The Department of Culturally Sustaining Curriculum and Instruction collaboratively evolves teaching and learning so that all students experience an education that enriches their cultural, cognitive, and expressive identities and becomes lifelong learners who positively impact our world. To accomplish this, our aim is to provide culturally sustaining curricular resources in service of our vision that every student thrives.

    To ensure our vision is realized, we:

    • Work to re-envision education through feedback loops and liberatory design directly with schools
    • Utilize Transformative Social Emotional Academic Learning (TSEAL) to build awareness of who we are and how our system works to leverage our voices and action to support the liberation of our marginalized students
    • Focus deeply on the implementation of academic standards and the instructional core
    • Build the capacity of our educators around content and culturally responsive mindsets 
    • Provide resources and practice guidelines that deeply engage our students in their learning


  • Culturally Sustaining Curriculum & Instruction 
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