Educational Technology & Library Services

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    Library Services can support with:

    • Provide guidance and coaching around CDE’s Highly Effective School Libraries rubric in order to develop a library program in your school that positively impacts student achievement, inquiry-based learning and promotes a joy of reading.
    • Provide training, professional learning and coaching for certified and noncertified library staff to assist them in being an effective resource for students and staff.
    • Work with instructional leaders to support work with Student Learning Objectives (e.g. baseline preparedness, collection of body of evidence) for Teacher Librarians.
    • Assist in choosing diverse, high quality physical and digital resources which align with students’ interests, needs and curriculum.
    • Maximize and manage your Library Mill Levy expenditures by helping you leverage established relationships with vendors who provide bulk discounts, customer service assistance and other educational benefits.
    • Deliver books processed, shelf-ready and accessible through the Denver Public Schools’ online library catalog.
    • Provide equitable access to grade level appropriate, curriculum-aligned, academically vetted digital databases with single sign-on, and building-based professional development that integrates these into student learning.
    • Provide eBooks including digital audio, that provide anytime, anywhere access to texts that support independent reading, inquiry-based learning and the curriculum with student supports such dyslexic text, digital annotation, interactive dictionaries and multimedia experiences.
    • Work with building leaders and library staff to create engaging, relevant and responsive library collections by weeding, redesigning and organizing.
    • Deliver baskets of books from our Central Classroom Library collection that have been curated to provide curricular support, independent reading, genre and author studies, and Spanish language materials directly to teachers in schools.
    • Provide Makerspace kits and professional learning that support 21st Century Skills, STEM and Colorado Academic Standards.
    • Provide district curricular and classroom library resources and assist with the removal of outdated curricular and library resources.
    • Provide access to hundreds of Professional Development titles in our Central Collection.
    • Co-plan and manage library construction projects and new building designs.

    Educational Technology can support with:

    • Engage school staff with relevant, differentiated professional learning focused on best practices and the practical application of classroom technology
    • Collaborate with teachers to create and implement technology-rich, curricular, student digital learning experiences
    • Co-plan with central departments around the use of technology that can streamline departmental work practices.
    • Deliver educational programs for students, parents, and educators on Internet safety & media literacy.
    • Consult with building leaders on best practices for the roll out of technology devices, including the development of instructional technology plans.
    • Provide digital curriculum and resources to support students’ technology skills.
    • Work with instructional leaders to support work with Student Learning Objectives (e.g. baseline preparedness, collection of body of evidence) for Teacher Librarians and Technology Teachers.