• Literacy Team



    The Literacy team is part of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) within the Academics Division.  The literacy team oversees and supports the development and implementation of curriculum, instruction and assessment for literacy in Denver Public Schools.


    In service of our district-wide Instructional Improvement Priority for literacy, the literacy team is responsible for the following to support our community, parents, administrators, teachers, and students in Denver Public Schools:

    • Coordinate shared vision and practice in literacy learning and instruction across the District to ensure all students are proficient readers, writers, and communicators;
    • Align instructional materials for Language Arts to the Colorado Academic Standards K-12, ensuring a rigorous, guaranteed & viable curriculum for all students;
    • Support the effective implementation of instructional materials for Language Arts K-12;
    • Support the design, implementation, and interpretation of District-wide Language Arts assessments;
    • Customize support for school-based improvement goals based on identified needs in Language Arts achievement;
    • Identify, design, and coordinate professional development opportunities in Language Arts for District educators;
    • Communicate with the Board of Education, District staff, and the public regarding the district Language Arts program