• DPS Students Dancing


    The Dance and Theatre Instruction Curriculum Specialist will empower teachers as both advocates and artists within a collaborative community of educators to develop authentic and meaningful opportunities for all students.

    To achieve our mission, we will work towards equitable quality programs in dance and theatre arts where every child succeeds though collaboration, facilitation, and exploration alongside teachers, students, leaders, and community members.

    What we offer

    • Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional and Curriculum resources include units of study, assessments, SLOs, best practices, and Performance based tasks.
    • Teacher and School Support: Professional Learning, instructional resource guidance, and programming support for school leaders.
    • Citywide District Events: Various cross-content opportunities to showcase student achievement. 
    • Teacher Resources: Resources enrich instruction and vary from musical instruments, equipment and all items costume related.
    • Community Partners: Partnership with community organizations supplement unique resources and opportunities for our students.