Visual Arts

  • A student creates art in the classroom.

    Vision: All Students Thrive

    Mission: Elevate student voice, choice, and agency so that all students thrive in the arts. We do this by accessing the arts for social-emotional support, developing educators within a collaborative culture using equity-based practices in service of culturally and linguistically diverse students, and accelerating learning by re-envisioning art education as culturally responsive teachers.

    What we offer: 

    • Curriculum and Instruction Instructional and Curriculum resources include units of study, assessments, SLOs, best practices, and Performance based tasks.
    • Teacher and School Support Professional Learning, instructional resource guidance, and programming support for school leaders.
    • Citywide District Events Various cross-content opportunities to showcase student achievement. 
    • Teacher Resources Resources enrich instruction and vary from musical instruments, equipment and all items costume related.
    • Cultural Art Partners Partnerships with community organizations supplement unique resources and opportunities for our students.