Physical Education

  • This is a photo of students engaged in Physical Education.


    The Physical Education Curriculum Specialist provides learning opportunities, instructional support, and curriculum resources for teachers.  Collaboration with administrators, community members and other stakeholders will promote effective Physical Education programming at the state and local level.

    Through Physical Education, all students will receive quality programs from DPS as an integral foundation to achieve lifelong health, wellness, and academic success.

    What we offer

    • Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional and Curriculum resources include units of study, assessments, SLOs, best practices, and Performance based tasks.
    • Teacher and School Support: Professional Learning, instructional resource guidance, and programming support for school leaders.
    • Citywide District Events: Various cross-content opportunities to showcase student achievement. 
    • Teacher Resources: Resources enrich instruction and vary from musical instruments, equipment and all items costume related.
    • Community Partners: Partnership with community organizations supplement unique resources and opportunities for our students.  



    Adapted Physical Education

    The Adapted Physical Education Specialist will provide support and collaboration with physical education teachers, paraprofessionals, and physical/occupational therapists providing high-quality instructional resources and best practices in physical education for students with disabilities

    Through Adapted physical education students with disabilities have the opportunity to experience a quality physical education program that meets their individual needs while providing them the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Contact Vinne Pokornowski, Adapted Physical Education Specialist for more information.



    PEP Grant

    PEP grant was awarded to Denver Public schools for their high school physical education programs.