How to Hire for Central School-Support

  • A step-by-step hiring guide:

    Central staff hiring process graphic

    Hiring for our central school-support team (non-teacher positions) follows a sequential process:

    1. As a hiring manager, you will identify a vacancy and create a job requisition. For the requisition, you’ll need a position number. If this is a newly-created position, your HR partner or recruiter will work with you on a new job description and position number. If this is an existing position and you are not making any changes to the job, use the currently-assigned position number.
    2. Your HR recruiter will approve the requisition and post the job, working with you to identify any external posting needs.
    3. Your HR recruiter will screen all incoming applications and forward the eligible ones to you.
    4. You will review each candidate listed under their hiring-manager tab of the job requisition.
    5. You will schedule and conduct interviews-providing complete job descriptions to your candidates to ensure they understand the essential functions and requirements of the job, and to address any needs for special accommodations.
    6. After completing your interviews, you will identify the top candidate(s). If a candidate is an internal transfer, please conduct a reference-check with his or her current manager.
    7. To provide a selected candidate with a verbal offer, you will consult the verbal offer process and discussion guide, following its steps.
    8. Once your candidate accepts the verbal offer, you will move him or her to “qualify” in the Managers Space of Global Human Resources (GHR), following the hiring guide’s next steps to complete the process.

    Need more help?

    Please visit our Growth, Performance and Training site to view e-learnings that will help you complete each step of the hiring process.

    Completing the hiring process:

    To better understand the final steps of the hiring process, please review the resources in the hiring guide.

    The guide will also help you track the status and progress of your new hire as he or she goes through the process.

    Hiring Guide for Central Office

    Before your new-hire can begin work:

    As the hiring manager, you will receive an email notification that your new-hire has been cleared to begin work. Your new team-member should not start working until you receive this email.

    Once you receive the notification, you must visit the Managers Space in GHR to indicate your new-hire’s start date.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to complete this final step in the hiring process, watch the Conclude Recruitment e-Learning on the Growth, Performance and Training site.