Welcome To Team DPS!

  • You’ve done it! We are excited to have you join Team DPS. On this page, you will find important HR-related resources to help you get started on your DPS journey. Your specific school, department, or team will have additional resources or items you need to complete for your start. Please work with your manager on these additional items.

  • To Do

    • Complete your DPS Fingerprinting and the required Federal form I-9 appointments. These are required items prior to you beginning to work for DPS. You should not be performing duties until your HR Hiring Representative confirms you have completed all necessary steps for onboarding.
      • After you have completed your references and submitted the required credentials for your role (i.e. teaching license, etc.), you will be invited to come to the HR department for your fingerprinting/background check process. You will receive the invitation from your Hiring Representative. 
      • When your background check is returned, you will receive a second invitation to schedule your new hire paperwork (completion of your I-9). This invitation is also sent from your Hiring Representative. Federal law requires an in-person review of your applicable documents.
    • Enroll in DUO - our two-factor authentication process (visit here for all the information to get started!)
    • Familiarize yourself with The Commons. This dedicated employee website is the first place you will go for anything DPS employment-related. Can’t find what you are looking for? Use the search function (powered by Google) to search for keywords like “Benefits”, “ELA”, etc.
    • Review the DPS Employee Benefits page 
    • Review the DPS Employee Compensation page 
    • Review the DPS Employee Payroll page 
    • Review the Department of Technology (DoTS) Welcome Page for details of systems access.

  • New Employee Orientation (NEO)

    Before you start, you will have access to your NEO modules. You would have received these on your onboarding checklist along with your offer letter from your Hiring Representative, or you can access them from the Employee Action Center. Review your checklist for additional details. Email NewEmployeeOrientation_HumanResources@dpsk12.org for support accessing your modules.

  • New Teachers and School Leadership

    Visit the Teacher and Leader New Hire page for any additional action items or information you need for your first 30 days.

  • Access to all DPS Applications and Systems

     Access to all of the DPS systems and applications will likely not happen until after your first day at DPS (assuming that you have completed all of your onboarding paperwork) - this includes:

  • DUO

    DUO - our two-factor authentication process - becomes available when you first attempt to log into any DPS system (Employee Space, Infor HR/Lawson). Use this How To Guide to complete the authentication process. 

  • TruePay

    TruePay is where you will input your hours, time off requests, and leave requests. It becomes available after you have officially accepted your offer and your supervisor has submitted it in our HRIS system

  • Employee Space

    Employee Space maintains your profile, tracks your goals/performance, and lets you view benefit or pay information all in one place. It becomes available after you complete your new hire paperwork.

  • Google Account

    Become available after you have officially accepted your offer and your supervisor has submitted it in our HRIS system. You will receive a notification when this account becomes available. 

  • Benefits Enrollment Site

    Becomes available five business days after you complete your I-9. Benefits Enrollment Site

  • Visit DoTS’s new hire page for more information on specific systems access based on your role. 

    The sooner you are able to complete your onboarding paperwork (in this order: New Hire Checklist Items, background check, and I-9), the sooner we will be able to begin working on applications and systems access. *If you complete all these steps before your start date, you may receive systems access sooner. We recommend that you complete items in a timely manner to minimize the wait for systems when you start. 

    Some applications and systems are assigned based on your role. For example: if you are a teacher, you will get access to Infinite Campus and the Teacher Portal. These applications are granted automatically based on your role and location. Make sure to ask you manager what other systems you may need and how to gain access.

  • Your paychecks are received on the 7th and 22nd of each month (if these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, your paycheck will be received on the closest business day prior). Paychecks are directly deposited into your bank account. You must input your bank information into the Employee Space

    *DPS does not issue paper checks. If you do not input bank account information, you will receive your net pay via a reloadable Visa Pay card. The Payroll department will email your DPS email to confirm that the card has been mailed to your address on file. You will want to keep this Pay Card until you have entered your bank account information.

  • Updating Employee Space

    Employee Space houses all your profile information (name, email, phone number, address, etc.). You can submit updates directly into Employee Space. You can also: 

    • Sign Up for direct deposit and elect your tax withholdings (W-4 Form)
    • Sign up for an electronic W-2 (your annual pay statement for tax filing purposes)
    • Access your paycheck statements
    • And more! Explore Employee Space before you start

    Use this How To Guide to get into Employee Space and learn about all it offers!

  • Understand Your Paystub

    Learn how to read your paystub here!

  • As a Team DPS member, you are likely eligible for benefits (based on your FTE and bargaining unit). You must enroll or waive in benefits during your first 30 days of employment. Even if you don’t need benefits through DPS, you still must waive benefits. If you do not enroll or waive benefits, you will be automatically enrolled in the MotivHealth 3000 plan and a Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Benefits are effective on the first day of the month following your start date. For example, if you start on August 10, your benefits will be effective on September 1st.

    To gain access to our enrollment site, you must complete your new hire paperwork and submit the Form I-9. After you have completed all paperwork, you will receive access within 10-business days of your start date. Visit thecommons.dpsk12.org/benefits for more information, the Benefits Enrollment Guide, and the link to the Enrollment Site.