Employee Leave

  • Intermittent Leave of Absense 

    To request an Intermittent Leave, you must complete the appropriate Employee’s Serious Health Condition or Family Member’s Serious Health Condition form and submit it through TruePay. Intermittent leave can be approved for up to six months at a time, at which point you must recertify.


    Additional Information

    Returning To Work After Leave

    Please follow the steps that apply to your situation of the Return To Work Process beginning on page 8 of your Leave PreApproval Letter, that you received when submitting your leave of absence request. 

    Compensation While on Leave

    To receive compensation while on leave, you must utilize all of your accumulated Sick, and Vacation time (if eligible). You may choose to use personal days towards your leave if available. If you are a member of the Sick Leave Bank, you may be eligible for an additional 40 days of pay.

    Medical Coverage While on Leave

    • While you are on a paid leave there will be no change to your benefits unless there is a balance due, in which case you will be first contacted by the DPS Benefits Team.
    • If the leave is unpaid, but you’re on FMLA leave, then your benefits will continue and you will only owe the amount that your district contribution does not cover. Employees will receive invoice(s) from the DPS Benefits Team, via email, while on unpaid leave.
    • If you are on unpaid leave after FMLA expires, you will receive a COBRA enrollment packet via mail within 30 days of your last day covered. If an employee enrolls in COBRA, your coverage will be effective the first of the month following your last day covered by DPS. Please see the Department of Labor COBRA page for additional questions.


    Contact the DPS Leave of Absence Specialist at 720-423-3092.