Teacher & Specialized Service Provider (SSP) Compensation

  • *DPS has recently reached an agreement with the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA). To see what your pay will look like under the new agreement, we encourage educators to use our updated salary finder. For additional information, please review the DPS Salary Guide and ProComp 3.0 FAQ. Pages are currently being developed to reflect the terms of our new agreement and teacher compensation structure. Thank you for your patience.

    How Your Compensation is Determined

    As part of its Total Rewards package, the DPS compensation system supports, incentivizes and recognizes your efforts to ensure Every Child Succeeds. Your pay at DPS is made up of four major components:

    • Your base salary,
    • Monthly incentives based on the school or role that you are in, and
    • Incentives that lead to salary increases earned through educational achievements and performance evaluations.

    DPS provides additional stipends to teachers who serve in formal Teacher Leadership roles, as well as Tuition and Student Loan Reimbursement benefits.

    For an overview of all compensation programs, please see the Compensation Overview Chart.

    What is ProComp?

    ProComp is a central component of DPS' total compensation system. It was developed jointly by the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and DPS. 

    In 2005, Denver voters approved funding for the performance-based teacher and SSP compensation system known as ProComp. Visit the ProComp site to learn more about ProComp history and policy. Since then, it has continued to evolve as the national standard for recognizing teacher excellence by connecting your classroom goals to DPS’ 2020 mission, vision, values and priorities