Hard to Staff Incentive

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    For the 2018-19 school year, ProComp teachers and specialized service providers (SSPs) can earn a monthly incentive of $228 ($2,738 annually) for working in a Hard to Staff assignment.

    Which Assignments are Hard to Staff?

    Hard-to-Staff roles are determined annually by the ProComp Transition Team (the governing body of ProComp) based on local and national recruitment and turnover data. Determinations are made in the spring for the following school year.

    These assignments are currently designated as Hard to Staff:

    • English Language Acquisition – Spanish Teachers (ELA-S)* (Click on Note below for more information)
    • ChildFind Pre-school Teams-Bilingual Qualified
    • Special Education Assessment Team (SEAS)-Bilingual Qualified
    • Secondary Math Teachers (Incl. Intensive Pathway Schools)** (Click on Note below for more information)
    • Audiologists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physical Therapists
    • Nurses
    • Psychologists
    • Speech Language Pathologists
    • Special Education Center Program Assignments
    • Secondary Mild/Moderate Special Education Teachers (Elementary teachers do not qualify)
    • Itinerant Special Education teachers, including Itinerant Teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Visually Impaired


  • * Hard to Staff ELA-S +

    To qualify, ELA-S teachers must have:

    • Passed all three sections of the Spanish Language Proficiency exam, AND
    • Been designated as as ELA-S, ELA-S/ELA-E, ELA-S Resource or ELA-S Counselor in our DPS systems by your principal or by the ELA department after your ELA position start date

    ELA-S designated teachers are eligible for this incentive only after passing all three sections of the Spanish Language Proficiency exam which will allow the teacher to become ELA-S Qualified.

    Your first Hard to Staff ELA monthly incentive, and any retro due, will be paid after passing all three sections of the Spanish Language Proficiency exam if done before May 1 of the same school year.  If the May 1 deadline is not met, there will be no retro owed.

    Please contact ela_teacherqualification@dpsk12.org for more information regarding your ELA-S Qualification or designation.

    View the ELA Department's Frequently Asked Questions for information on other non-ProComp ELA Stipends.

  • ** Hard to Staff Secondary Math +

    To qualify, secondary Math Teachers must:

    • Be CDE Highly Qualified to teach secondary Math (grades 7th-12th). Employee must have met one of the following qualifications:
      • A BA (or higher) degree in Math OR
      • Be math endorsed on the teaching license OR
      • Pass the PLACE test in math OR
      • Pass the Praxis II test in math OR
      • Complete 36 semester hours of higher education math coursework well distributed within the content area OR
      • Have a NBCT certificate in Secondary Math

    • Be assigned to a 6th-12th grade Math class and meet the following conditions:
      • Teach at least one section of a Math course with a CDE or alt code of 1100, AND
      • 6th-12th grade students must be assigned to the teacher's 1100 class

    • Teach at a Secondary school which includes:
      • K-8 School, OR
      • Middle School, OR
      • High School, OR
      • Alternative School

    • Have a valid (not expired) CDE Teacher License
      • "ALT APPL: Alternate License Applied - CDE" Does NOT Qualify for Hard to Staff pay

  • Eligibility and Payout Information 

    • You must be active with benefits (not on leave) to be eligible to receive a market incentive. Please review the detailed general eligibility guidelines for all incentives.
    • A teacher must be in the role and in a payable status for at least one day in a month in order to be eligible to receive the monthly bonus installment for that month. You will receive your stipend by the following month’s pay cycle after your transfer or return to payable status.
    • Employees that meet all requirements and successfully serve in the month of May are eligible for payment in May. If employee is eligible for payment in May, remains actively enrolled in ProComp, and in a payable status, employee will also receive payment over the summer months (June - August). The employee does not need a current CDE license or approved authorization in June, or July to qualify for payout during the summer months.
    • Teacher leaders for each of the hard-to-staff roles are eligible for the incentive.
    • Traditional Teachers are not eligible for the Hard-to-Staff Incentive.
    • For additional requirements for Hard to Staff Math or ELA-S eligibility, please click on the titles below.