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    Report Cards 
    Many traditional report cards give students one grade for reading, one grade for math, one grade for science, etc.  With our standards-based report card, each of these same subject areas is divided into a list of skills and knoweledge that students are responsible for mastering.  Students receive a separate indicator for each learner expectation.

    Standards Based Progress Report
    The Standards Based Progress Report is a reporting tool that allows a teacher to communicate accurately a student's progress towards meeting standards at critical junctures throughout the school year to help support student achievement. 

    Definitions of Proficiency Levels
    Each trimester a student's progress toward mastery of the grade-level standards is reported for student performance in relationship to the grade level expectations.  Not all learner expectations are addressed each grading period as indicated by an N/A. 
    Progress is rated on a scale of 1 to 4 with the following indicators:

    • Exceeds Expectations (4) - Student is on track for exceeding grade-level expectations; skills and concepts are accomplished independently and consistently; creates products that are exceptional and demonstrate in-depth thinking.
    • Meets Grade Level Expectations (3) - Student is on track and/or achieving grade-level expectations; skills and concepts are consistently accomplished with minimal assistance; creats high quality products.
    • Approached Expectations (2) - Student has made some progress and demonstrates partial proficiency of grade-level expectations; skills and concepts are emerging with practice and teacher assistance; not yet on track and may need extra support to reach the standard. 
    • Partially Meets Expectations (1) - Student is not yet on track but demonstrates beginning states of grade-level expectations; skills and concepts need repeated practice and frequent guidance from teacher; may need extra support to reach the standards.
    • Not Assessed at this Time (N/A) - Not all learner expectations are addressed during reporting periods.

    Standards Based Report Cards
    At the end of the school year, a student is given one of the following indicators to measure acheivement of grade-level standards.

    • Advanced (A) - Student has demonstrated mastery of grade-level skills; skills and concepts have been accomplished independently and consistently throughout the year; products are of exceptional work and demonstrates in-depth thinking.
    • Proficient (P) - Student has demonstrated and achieved mastery of grade-level skills and concepts with minimal assistance.
    • Partially Proficient (PP) - Student demonstrated basic grade-level skills and concepts with practice and support from teacher.
    • Unsatisfactory (U) - Student has not yet been able to demonstrate basic grade-level skills and concepts.

    Academic Content Indicators
    Academic content is measured using the following indicators:

    • Grade Level (GL) - Student is working on grade-level content standards
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) - Student is working on grade-level content standards with an indivifualized plan
    • Advanced Learning Plan (A) - Student has an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) in this content area
    • Modified (M) -
      • Student is working on above grade level standards, OR
      • Student has been identified by the IEP team as working towards Extended Evidence Outcomes.
      • Extended Evidence Outcomes provide the alternate standards in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Reading, Writing and Communicating for students with significant cognitivie disabiities who qualify for the alternate assessement.  These alternate exceptions are directly aligned to the grade-level expectations for all students. 

    Standards Grading Presentation

    Literacy Support:

    ELD Guidance

    Secondary ELD Guidance


    How can parents help students?
    Standards-based report cards give much more detailed information about how students are performing in each subject area.  Parents can take advantage of the more detailed information by focusing on the skills they are concerned about.  Create communication with the teacher and ask how you can help your student with it at home.  You can also help the teacher with thoughts around helping your child at school if they are struggling. 

    Who to contact for questions regarding your child's report card
    The first contact should be your child's teacher.  If questions still remain, contact the school principal.