Distinguished Schools

  • Each year, the teachers and special service providers at ten schools may receive the Distinguished Schools Incentive for their work around the whole child. The incentive of $750 per person is awarded as a lump sum payment to team members no later than June 7th each year. Please review the detailed General Eligibility Guidelines for eligibility and payout information. Click here for the 2019-20 Whole Child Distinguished Schools List

    The ProComp Implementation team, comprised of district and DCTA members, designates winners of the award each year. The following measures will be considered for awarding the Distinguished Schools Incentive:

    • Health Education
    • Physical Education and Physical Activity
    • Nutrition Environment and Services
    • Health Services
    • Counseling, Psychology, and Social Support Services
    • Social and Emotional School Climate
    • Physical Environment
    • Employee Wellness
    • Family Engagement
    • Community Involvement
    • Support for students in historically marginalized groups

    Schools are only able to receive the incentive once every three years. Click here for the Whole Child Distinguished School Application