DPS Benefits Board

  • The benefits program is overseen by the Benefits Board which is comprised of representatives from all employee associations (unions). The Benefits Board regularly reviews and approves changes to our benefits program, and evaluates the program to ensure we are providing you with competitive benefits in a cost-effective manner. The Benefits Board conducts business in accordance to the Benefits Board Bylaws

Benefits Board Members

  • Administrators/ProTechs:

    Lawrence Garicia

    David Rowan

    Edwin Hudson

    Charles Carpenter

    Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU):

    Ann Diaz 

    Association of Building, Grounds, and Warehouse (ABGW):

    Tino Martinez

    Colorado Federation of School Safety Professionals (CFSSP):

    Daren Barnhard

    Communication Workers of America (CWA):

    Marlene Jimenez

    Denver Association of Educational Office Professionals (DAEOP):

    Alexis Matter

    Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA):

    Dez Baldonado

    Jeffrey Almond

    Jennifer Merry

    Jessie Hardy

    Denver School Leaders Association (DSLA):

    Moira Coogan

    Facility Managers Association (FMA):

    Michael Potter

    Denver Federation of Professionals & Nutrition Service Employees (DFPNSE):

    Deidre (Dee) Smith

    Victoria Pacheco

    Christina Garcia

    Vocational Teachers Federation (VTF): 

    Ric Dena