Our Compensation Structure

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    For the salary setting process each Employee Association or job has either a unique step and pay schedule or a salary range to determine base pay compensation. Pay rates are set by HR personnel during the onboarding, transfer or promotion process.

    Salary structure and salary ranges

    One of the key components of a salary administration program is a salary structure. A salary structure is a hierarchy of salary grades established within an organization. Each non-union job at DPS is assigned a salary grade that reflects the minimum to maximum pay for a job. The minimum is the starting pay rate for an employee with limited experience.  The midpoint (also called “market rate” or “target rate”) is the average being paid by similar employers for a fully competent and experienced employee.  The maximum is the point at which base salary growth is capped.  Salary grades provide pay levels that are externally competitive, internally equitable, and cost effective.  

    The duties and responsibilities will determine which salary grade the job will fall under. At DPS we have one compensation salary structure for non-affiliated groups such as central office jobs.

    Compensation is responsible for maintaining and making updates to the structure such as job title changes, addition of new jobs or a pay grade change.

    Salary schedules