Create an Action Plan

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    Setting an action plan

    Studies have shown people who make specific action plans towards improving their health are more likely to succeed. Following this simple action plan model will set you up for success.

    • Something YOU want to do; not what someone else thinks you should do, or that you think you should do
    • Achievable; something you can expect to be able to do this week
    • Action-specific; for example, losing weight is not an action or behavior, but avoiding snacks between meals is; losing weight is the RESULT of actions
    • Answer the questions:
      1. What? (for example, walking or avoiding snacks)
      2. How much? (for example, walking four blocks)
      3. When? (for example, after dinner or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)
      4. How often? (for example, four times; try to avoid "every day," because if something comes up, it's better to have succeded when you say you'll do something three times rather than to feel you've failed if you've done it six times; you feel even better if you do it seven times when you've said you'll do it three or five times!)
    • Confidence level of seven or more; ask yourself, "On a scale of 0 = no confidence to 10= total confidence, how confident am I that I will complete the ENTIRE action plan?" If you rate your confidence below a seven, you might want to look at the barriers and consider reworking your action plan so that it's something you are confident that you can accomplish. It's important that you succed!

    Create your action plan today!