Wellness Champion Program

  • A Wellness Champion is a staff member with a commitment and passion to health and well-being that serves as an ambassador for the Employee Wellness Program.  They are messengers and motivators that assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives.  They share information, engage friends and colleagues to participate in wellness programs, and create excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle.

Goal of a Wellness Champion

    • Wellness Champions positively impact the culture of their departments and schools, and as a result, create a more enjoyable workplace. 
  • Responsibilities

    Choose Healthy Lifestyle Programs to Fit your Location Needs and Interests

    Help Others to Understand Employee Wellness Programs and Benefits Available

    Assist Others through Leadership, Enthusiasm and Guidance to Get Started on Wellness Habits

    Monitor and Chart Progress on Wellness Activities to Measure Success

    Praise and Reward Program Success

    Innovate Creative Programs on Various Health Topics

    Organize Fun Health Events and Promote Monthly Health Topics

    Nominate More Wellness Champions and Establish Coordinated School Health Teams

    Solicit Feedback on the Wellness Program to Evaluate and Support Employee Wellness

    For more information, click HERE or please contact staffwellness@dpsk12.org

  • Programs and Resources

    With an onsite Wellness Champion, DPS employees are much more aware of district-wide wellness resources, and they have the opportunity to receive additional wellness program support, whether its regarding emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health. 

  • Funding

    Wellness Champions will have program funding made available to them to support initiatives and programs throughout the school year.  In addition, Wellness Champions have the opportunity to apply for the Employee Wellness mini-grant program, which provides funding for a sustainable capital improvement project at their site.  This not only improves the working environment but can also impact employee morale, improve health statuses, and increase productivity among staff.


    • $200 available to support customized programming for your department or school
    • Apply for a Mini Grant Project to make a sustainable improvement or change to your site's work environment
    • Wellness Champions can receive a stipend of up to $600 for completing tasks and activities throughout the school year

How to become a Wellness Champion

  • DPS is proud to support Wellness Champions in schools and departments across the district. We will be accepting Employee Wellness Champion applications in August for the 2023-2024 year!
    Interested in joining the fun as a DPS Wellness Champion?  If so, please reach out to Staffwellness@dpsk12.org for more information.
    To view the current list of DPS sites with a Wellness Champion, click here!