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  • Facility Management

    The Department of Facility Management is located at 2800 West 7th Avenue with a satellite office for Facility Modernization Division located at 1617 So. Acoma Street. Facility Management includes the Operations Division, Maintenance Division, Facility Modernization and Planning, and the Community Use Department. Facility Management manages over 15 million square feet of enclosed building space in 226 schools located in 173 DPS owned facilities and 10 Administrative facilities, and just under 2,000 acres. Seventeen percent of our facilities are registered historic landmarks. We are the 2nd largest facility manager in the city (after City and County of Denver). DPS students are also served in 8 non-DPS owned facilities including district-leased space at 12 facilities. The average age of DPS owned facilities is over 45 years.

    The mission of Facility Management is to provide a safe, clean, and quality educational environment for all Denver Public Schools students and staff; quality customer service both internally and externally, and to promote operations that are environmentally and economically efficient, effective and sustainable.

    How we support Team DPS

    • Manage all capital projects for construction, remodeling and renovation of our educational and support facilities;
    • Prioritize and maintain a database for facility improvements that can be used for critical maintenance repair, project prioritizations and future bond planning;
    • Plan for future growth and academic initiatives;
    • Provide infrastructure necessary to support these needs through strategic planning and asset management;
    • Manage, coordinate and provide, maintenance and custodial services;
    • Coordinate, schedule and manage building and facility use
    • In conjunction with the academic mission, update and maintain the district's standards for the Educational Specifications and Technical guidelines that are used to design our schools.
    • Academic achievement for our kids


  • Rich Archuletta
    Interim Executive Director

    Facility Management
    2800 West 7th Ave.
    Denver, CO 80204

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