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    Communication — Coordination — Cooperation

    What is the First Call Center?

    The First Call Center is the communication center within Facility Management that provides a central location to get the answers to all of your questions regarding Facility Maintenance. We create and distribute informative communications, triage all requests coming into Facility Maintenance and provide quality customer service to all customers.

    What does First Call do?

    Communication is one of First Call's main priorities. First Call will provide different communications including: Internal memos for Maintenance, global memos from Maintenance Shops to the entire district, and reminders for upcoming events, deadlines and timely seasonal information.

    Memos and Bulletins
    Memos and bulletins are sent through the First Call Center. These communications remind the Facility Managers of practices and procedures, such as contacts for kitchen issues and how to handle an Order to Comply or Seasonal bulletins such as freeze or flood alerts.

    Urgent Situation Communication
    First Call should be the first line of contact when a major event happens. First Call is the communication hub between Facility Management and the rest of the district keeping all pertinent parties informed as the incident progresses and assists in coordinating solutions.

    Work Request 'Scrubbing' and Dispatching
    The First Call Center receives all incoming work requests through Tririga first, and scrubs the requests so that they are informative, concise and are entered correctly into their respective shop and request class's.

    Volunteer and Self Help Projects
    The First Call Center assists and coordinates with all Volunteer/Community based projects. Click here for more information about volunteer projects.




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