Business Diversity and Outreach Program

  • School Leader and Students

    Denver Public Schools and the Department of Facility Management have a long relationship with historically underutilized or Diverse businesses. This relationship became more formal and systemic with the Board of Education adoption of Resolution 2621 and the subsequent drafting and implementation of the DPS Equal Opportunity Construction Contracting Procedures.

    Pursuant to resolution 2621, a HUB’s Coordinator, now known as the Business Diversity Outreach Program Manager, was retained to promote the Denver Public Schools’ Business Diversity Outreach Program (BDOP – formerly HUB’s program).

    Through the HUB’s Coordinator/BDOP Manager, numerous outreach activities have occurred and are being scheduled for the future. These include:

    • Visits and discussions with minority/women owned organizations.
    • Workshops with minority/women owned firms on how to fill out the DPS ” Vendor Application Form” and/or “Request for Information” form to register and/or pre-qualify for projects.
    • Contractor/Vendor Recruitment through locally sponsored Trade Shows.
    • Denver Public Schools recognizes the current construction market conditions and therefore welcomes and encourages joint ventures.

    Altogether, DPS has developed, implemented and pursued an aggressive policy to ensure quality, cost effective construction while offering the maximum opportunity for diverse participation.