Dental Insurance Through Delta Dental

  • DPS team members can choose between two optional dental insurance plans offered through Delta Dental

    • EPO: The EPO plan, a feature of the Delta Dental PPO network, pays for services only when you see a PPO (in-network) provider. Treatment and services from a non-PPO provider are not covered. See the plan for a full list of covered services and Copay costs. 


    • PPO: The PPO plus Premier plan allows you to choose from a wider network of participating providers.You and your family members may visit any licensed provider, but you will receive the greatest out‐of‐pocket savings if you see a Delta Dental PPO provider. 
      • PPO Provider – Payment is based on the PPO provider’s allowable fee, or the actual fee charged, whichever is less.
      • Premier Provider – Payment is based on the Premier Maximum Plan Allowance (MPA), or the fee actually charged, whichever is less.
      • Non‐Participating Provider – Payment is based on the non‐participating Maximum Plan Allowance. Members are responsible for the difference between
        the non‐participating MPA and the full fee charged by the provider (balance‐billing). You will receive the best benefit by choosing a PPO provider. 
      • Be sure to check plan coverage annual and lifetime maximum benefit coverage amounts on the PPO plus Premier plan!

    2022-23 Per Paycheck Dental Rates

  • How to Enroll

    You can enroll during the Open Enrollment period each spring, or during your New Hire Enrollment period when you join Team DPS. You’ll be prompted to sign up as you go through the benefit enrollment process. For mid-year changes, you must have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

  • How to Access

    You will not receive a physical dental insurance card from Delta Dental, though you are able to access a digital copy online. Most dentists can look up your coverage with your personal information. Contact Delta Dental for your policy number or for additional information at 1-800-610-0201 or

    DPS Group Numbers: W2871-00001111 (PPO) or W2871-00002111 (EPO)

  • How to Change

    You can change your insurance during Open Enrollment or with a Qualifying Life Event (QLE).

  • Who to Contact

    Delta Dental at 1-800-610-0201;; or email at

  • + When will I receive my dental insurance card?

    Delta Dental does not send cards.

    Register or Log in to your account at (Please use your Social Security Number (SSN), not your employee ID, when registering).

    Download and print your e-card, if a card is needed. A card will not be mailed to you.

    *Most dental offices do not require a card and are able to verify your insurance with your personal information.

  • + What’s the difference between an EPO and a PPO dental plan?

    • EPO: The EPO plan provides benefits only when you see a PPO (in-network) provider. Treatment and services from a non-PPO provider are not covered.
    • PPO: The PPO plus Premier plan allows you to choose from more than 3,200 participating providers across the state. Participating providers file claims directly with Delta Dental and accept Delta Dental’s reimbursement in full. You are responsible only for your deductible and coinsurance (based on your plan), as well as any charges for non-covered services. You may see any dentist; however, your out-of-pocket expenses will be less if you see a Delta Dental network dentist. Unlike the EPO, the PPO has a maximum annual benefits of $1,500.


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