Cost of Living Toolkit & Employee Discounts

  • Denver is constantly being recognized as one of the best places in the country to live - and with good reason! It’s hard to beat the mile-high city’s lifestyle, music, and food scene, or the mountain views! This recognition has caused a boom in the Denver population which has increased the cost of living across all neighborhoods. 

    We want to help! We have consolidated local and national information on topics including housing, neighborhood profiles, student loans, exploring the city, and more. Whether you’re a Denver native or new to the town, this toolkit will help you navigate Denver’s financial landscape.


    Check Out the Complete Cost of Living Toolkit

  • + Employee Discounts

    DPS team members have exclusive access to discounts on local and national popular brands, retailers, and services through Beneplace. Log in or create an account to access discounts on:

    • Cell phone services
    • Dining & groceries
    • Electronics
    • Entertainment
    • Travel
    • Insurance
    • Sports & outdoor products
    • And So Much More!

  • + Down Payment Assistance through Landed

    DPS is excited to share a down payment assistance opportunity, made possible thanks to a partnership with Landed - a San Francisco-based startup that helps essential professionals buy homes; and Ben and Lucy Ana Walton of Zoma Foundation, who have generously provided a $5 million philanthropic investment to help educators in Denver purchase homes. These organizations know Denver has become a challenging place to purchase a home, and they want to support DPS team members in buying a home in the community they serve. As of May 2019, Landed has held over 500 conversations with DPS educators, and 20 DPS educators have purchased a home with Landed. Read about Landed's First Year in Colorado.

    How It Works
    The opportunity provides half of the 20% down payment on a home, up to $70,000 per household, to be paid back in the future. The assistance is available to all full-time employees who have worked in public education for at least two years, anywhere in the country. Participants do not have to be first-time home buyers to take advantage of this opportunity, and there are not any explicit restrictions on the home purchase location. Purchased homes must be used as a primary residence.
    Landed is a co-investment and not a loan or grant. When the homebuyer refinances or sells the home to end their partnership, Landed is paid back the original down payment funding plus 25% of any gain in the home’s value. If the home is sold and has lost value, then Landed shares in that loss as well, just like any true co-investment partner. View this step-by-step guide to learn more about how Landed works.

    Landed has numerous resources available on their blog and website. Feel free to reach out to Landed at for more information.

  • + Denver Educational Senior Citizens Incorporated (DESCI)

    The DESCI Community Housing Fund provides rent assistance to low-income DPS employees, retirees, or members of their immediate families who are low-income. The rent assistance is a flat $300 per month unless the rent is less than $300 per month. The applicant may not be renting from a family member.

    For more information, please visit The Denver Educational Senior Citizens, Inc, or call 303-300-1790 ext. 126


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