Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, no-cost service available to all DPS employees and their dependents. Planning for life events, personal issues, or simply managing daily life can affect your health, family, and work. DPS wants to help through providing EAP services. 

Your Other Available EAP Resources


    Work-Life Solutions

    The work-life specialists at ComPsych can do the research for you, and provide qualified referrals and customized resources for child and elder care, moving, pet care, college planning, home repair, buying a car, planning an event, selling a house, and more.


    Confidential Counseling

    Confidential Counseling

    Provides short-term counseling services (5 sessions) for you and/or your dependents. Call anytime about anything - marital, relationship, and family concerns; stress, anxiety, and depression; grief and loss; job pressures; substance abuse; and more.

    Employees have access to five free sessions with a therapist, counselor, or medical physician to get them the help they may be seeking.

    Additionally, you can look for signs of an employee needing medical or substance abuse help by being aware of: 

    • Underlying health problems that mimic intoxication (i.e., diabetes, epilepsy, etc.),
    • Odor (i.e., tobacco, overly sweet, acetone, etc.),
    • Speech (i.e., slurred, normal, etc.),
    • Energy levels (i.e., wide awake, sleepy, groggy, etc.),
    • Appearance (i.e., disheveled, neatly dressed, burn marks on hands or other places, etc.), 
    • Ability to recall events,
    • Knowledge of recent injuries, 
    • Known substance use or exposure,
    • Level of consciousness/orientation,
    • Vital signs,
    • Respiratory effort (i.e., rapid or slow breathing, difficulty in taking a breath, etc.),
    • Pupils (i.e., dilated, etc.),
    • Skin (i.e., diaphoretic, dry, flushed, cool, hot, etc.), 
    • Gait (i.e., walking pace, balance, etc.)

    If you notice any of these signs, reach out to your manager to get support from your OneHR team. You can also contact HR Connect directly for support at 720-423-3900, option 1. 

    Financial Information

    Financial Information

    Answers to your questions on budgeting, debt management, tax issues, or other money concerns. Speak with CPAs, Certified Financial Planners and other tax experts.

    Legal Advice

    Legal Support

    Speak with attorneys about legal concerns such as divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt and bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, civil and criminal actions, and more. If you require representation, you can be referred to a qualified attorney for a free 30-minute consultation and a 25% reduction in customary legal fees.

    Other Resources

    Other Resources

    Explore other topics and expert information online (organization ID: DPS). Gain access to on-demand training by logging in to your ComPsych account.

  • + How to Access

    GuidanceResources® Online

    Go online to access timely, expert information on thousands of topics, including relationships, work, school, children, wellness, legal, financial and free time. You can search for qualified child and elder care, attorneys and financial planners as well as ask questions, take self-assessments and more.

    GuidanceResources is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    There are two ways to access your EAP benefits:

    1. Call 855-327-1377 (855-EAP-1DPS). You’ll speak to a counseling professional who will listen to your concerns and can guide you to the appropriate services you require.
    2. Visit GuidanceResources Online at www.guidanceresources.com and enter your company ID: DPS

    Remember, your GuidanceResources benefits are strictly confidential. To view the ComPsych HIPAA privacy notice, please go to www.guidanceresources.com/privacy.

    Schedule a virtual consultation with DPS Employee Assistance Program resource Diane Shelton by calling 952-687-4342 or emailing diane_shelton@optum.com.  

  • + Who to Contact

    Call ComPsych at 855-327-1377 (855-EAP-1DPS) or reach them online at www.guidanceresources.com

    Schedule an appointment with DPS Employee Assistance Program resource Diane Shelton for assistance with a variety of issues - from stress, relationship issues to communication strategies and beyond.